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: Nantucket 9/21

09-21-2001, 08:34 AM
After nearly a week off due to family trouble and country wide fear it was finally good to get back out on the water. For a change of pace, I decided to work out on the west end this week since the boats had been doing pretty well out there, when they had customers to take out. It paid off pretty well for me, did you ever notice how the world's problems seem to fade into the background when you're fishing?
Enough running commentary, onto the report. Tuesday I noticed fish way out along the edge at Eel Point, my first drift through I landed a nice 28" striper. As I headed back to the car to radio the boat that was working out on the flats off Tuckernuck I started seeing albies running through just off the beach beside me. The boat had a mix of blues and albies going on.
This week has been a guide's week off so everyone finally got to go fishing. 3 of the captains went out Tuesday and they landed 4 albies off one of the outer islands on fly and very light spinning gear. I went out Wednesday with Capt. Lynne and her mother and we saw blues and a few stripers up on the flats then we went after albies. I managed my first on the fly, a good 10 lb. fish. The rest of the captains went out that night and they landed a dozen or so stripers.
I haven't been out there yet, but I'm told that Great Point is holding fish of every size and type all day long as long as the water is moving you stand a good chance of hooking into something. A lot of people have changed their travel plans so you don't have a whole lot of fishing pressure out here now, get out while the fishing is still awesome...