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: Chatham, 9/16, AM

09-16-2001, 09:23 AM
Got to the landing at 5:00 AM, Pete was already gone. Since I'm a rookie I opted not to launch in the dark by myself (wuss/lazy/tired/now pissed at myself). Went to the light and made my way out to the outer bar. Picked up a schoolie. For reference, low water out there was at about 5:55 am. Then went down to the spit JM and I were at yesterday. Got hits immediately. Picked up another schoolie and a number of hookups and spits. Missed an awful lot of hits today. Gorgoues morning - lots of stars and a great sunrise. Wish I had gotten in touch with Pete.

Fred A.

Fred A.

09-17-2001, 11:55 PM
Fred & Co...
Sorry I missed you...I got there at 0430 and stealthed my way out to a spot on the bar...the wind was calm, the water flat, the stars bright, and I could almost see Europe...Low tide was about 0500 and I wanted the tide at my back... couldn't help but recall "Shark Week" as I paddled through the dark and across the deep channel...the always interesting mini-maelstrom near the first wall was there as expected... had the place to myself (except for a few curious seals) and, while it certainly looked textbook fishy, I could only raise a few mid-twenty schoolies...Sunrise was worth the trip then off to another classic hole/rip/eddy and all I could raise was a 30"er and a few smaller friends...
As the tide drove me off the bar I made my way across the main channel to a promissing point and had an hour of casting practice as I walked the beach and looked deep into the building waves for some linesider participation...Mr Mung made things difficult but there just didn't seem to be any interested surf residents.
Lesson learned...I you venture out in big water, better put the spray skirt on or be prepaired to take on some gas... ocean swells + big boat wake = interesting ride and water in the face.
Next weekend tides look favorable for another yakattack?! The boat sails at 0500 (if I can get out of the bunker...)better break out the fleece!

09-18-2001, 09:38 AM
Fred, I don't blame you for not launching in the dark into that area. I might meet up with you guys this weekend if I can get a kitchen pass.
Pete, won't the tides be against us this coming weekend?

09-18-2001, 01:07 PM
Jim & Co...
Low tide will be around 1000...That means a push going out, time to fish the drop, time to loiter and fish the rise, and then evacuate and ride the tide back home...LPU's a must and a skirt a plus.