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: Chatham, 9/15, AM

09-15-2001, 06:34 PM
Got to the launch and the wind was honking out of the north. Sandbar assault with Roop, Nick and Bob wasn't going to happen. Roop and Nick went to Stage to get out of the wind and Bob was thinking of trading a hard days work today for a hard days fishing tommorow. Only had a few hours so decided to go to the light. John M. showed up at about 5:30 and we made our way down South Beach to a sandbar John likes. John picked up a couple of fish immediately then nothin for awhile. Place was very fishy, textbook as John said. Bait flying out of the water and so forth. As we were about to leave I finally hooked up with a nice schoolie, then a snapper blue to avoid the skunk. Hated to leave. John was thinking about the shuttle to South Beach after coffee.

I'll be looking for Pete tommorow morning for a possible assault.

Fred A.

09-15-2001, 07:05 PM
Although the fishing didn't seem to erupt based on todays reports, your story had some rumblings to it while I was reading it. I hope the volcano blows its top for you guys tomorrow!

You should consider looking up Brian Casey; he's had a lucky rabbit's foot in his vest lately.

I heard there was a PePe le Pew sighting today... he was seen with Nick Svencer who landed a nice 32 incher to top the day... }>

Bob Pink
09-16-2001, 01:30 PM
That wind really put the damper on Saturday's plans as Fred reported. That and a general karma hangover from the week had me unfocused. A trip to the remnants of big girl provided a couple of schoolies on the casting rod. The tide had pushed back up big time and there wasn't much of the point bar visable by the time I left at 7:00 or so. Took a look at Hardings ( it was glassy calm in the lee of the wind ), Ridgevale, and a couple of others going west before packing it in. Picked up the boat at the shop ( new thermostats ) dropped it off at my folks' house and was at my office b4 11:00.
Decided to keep it simple on Sunday, launched in Marshfield, took some blues on the flyrod off Dux Beach, then headed up inside Dux/Ply bay. Almost no bird action save for an occasional surface break. Found some very small fish pushing small sand eels up along the Plymouth barrier beach which was fun for a bit.
Had to leave before ther top of the tide so I don't know if things ever broke loose inside....

09-16-2001, 02:19 PM
After I left Fred, I headed for in Chatham then to the Rip rider thinking I could start with the outgoing at South Beach ocean side but when I got to Morris Island Ed said they were not running because of the wind... so I headed to Hardings beach which was very calm and walked down to stage harbor entrance. Saw a bunch of fly guys fishing with floating lines... could not figure that out. No fish so I headed home and Roop and Nick called and stopped by for my Hawaiian Chocolate nut coffee. Juro, Nick told me that the guy he fished with got sprayed by the skunk. Knowing who that was made realize that that would have been like Babe Ruth striking out each time he was at bat in one game.

09-16-2001, 07:39 PM
Pepe' here, checking in. My first Chatham skunk of the season.

Was it the bad karma of running over a skunk at 4:00 AM or as Bob put it, "a karma hangover".

Regardless, a great day. Got to use the new yak for the very reason I bought it. Nick & I headed out Stage Harbor to some of the Monomoy flats, set up to intercept fish on the flood but someone forgot to invite the fish. Nick did a great job picking up a FAT 32" fish, beautiful strong, violet hues, released to grow & breed.

Nick continued his streak & I thank him for being such a good companion as my attitude took a turn for the worse....

We really put the yaks and our physical endurance to a test on Saturday, we always seemed to be paddling against the tide & the wind.

Pocasset today turned up one snapper for me, does that count? Paddled out to the Mashnee flats with my brother in law, checked most of the area by both yak & skiff through out the day. The only other fish I saw was a 2' sand shark @ 7:00AM.

Thanks for the coffee John, the CAC is like an oasis after 10 hours of paddling & casting.

Nick, hope you had a great day in CT today.


09-17-2001, 07:07 AM
Well if the skunk you killed didn't do it, the skunk that passed in front of us must have been it. Or was it that black cat as well? Man we saw a lot of animals at 4 in the morning. Even thought the fishing wasn't stellar, I still had a great day. It was amazing how fishy that one spot was outside stage harbor. All those valleys and that telltale drop off and rippled edge. We'll have to go back and be each other's eyes next spring from that "elevated" vantage point.
My Mystic fishing wasn't as good as Chatham. We drifted through the race for a while, I hooked a porgy but lost it. Then we headed back inside Fisher's Island and spotted some funny fish doing their funny things. Couldn't get a hit despite the flailing casts from spin rods (my dad and brother) and my fly rod.

Thanks for the bed Friday Roop. You've got a great family.