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: Canal/Chatham/Sesuit Harbor 9/21 - 9/23

09-23-2001, 11:18 PM
Headed to the Cape Friday afternoon even though the rip trip didn't work out. Stopped at Scusset Beach before crossing the canal and quickly caught several schoolies up to 22" just to make sure the skunk didn't follow me to Chatham. Checked in at the motel and made it to Lighthouse Beach at about 9:00 p.m. Nothing until 10:30 and then got a few more stripers including 2 about 30". Action stopped by midnight. Tried the lighthouse again on Saturday morning but couldn't catch anything. Checked out a few other spots during the day, still no luck. Took a nap and hit Lighthouse Beach again Saturday night for what I hoped would be a repeat of the previous night. Same spot, same tide (90 min before low until just after low) but only one schoolie this time. This morning I tried Sesuit Harbor as the tide was dropping. I hooked and lost one decent striper in the shallows around the rocks between the jetties, and I saw several stripers cruising the shallows to the west of the harbor but couldn't even get a follow. I had some adrenaline-induced coordination problems at one point when a 30+ inch fish drifted by in less than 2 feet of water -- what a rush! Made a few other fishless stops and then finished the day at Scusset Beach so I could catch some more schoolies before heading home.

09-24-2001, 06:12 AM
Sounds like a successful outing after reading the other reports.