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: 9/13 PI Sound am Report

09-13-2001, 11:02 AM
Beautiful FAC this morning leaving the Parker River, was down to Crane Beach in the pre-dawn. NO BIRDS to be seen working anywhere, from upriver to Ipswich, Cranes, or to Emerson Rocks. No one seen fishing from the beaches either. Only saw one other boat seen, a CC fishing the flats offshore from Crane's.

No significant surf or swells offshore, but watch it, as every once in a while a few smaller waves would form into a big roller as it headed into the beach. I'd say surf will be more of a factor from shore than boat.

I fished Clousers, my matey started w/ Sluggo-type plastics. He hit one strong but sub-legal bass in rip by Crane's. Followed the sun and water up river, finally struck gold at by Pavillion Beach. Tons of bass at the grass line, even if twinkies.

This continued up river to the MG Flats where Lefty had a ball the other weekend, where the terns were finally seen working the bait, with bass underneath. Nothing over 22", but strong fish getting ready to head south.

The fish were still up on the surface @ 8:30am but we had to split. Fri & Sat mornings should repeat, head up any river and get to the flats on the incoming tide!!

Notice to Mariners: If you fish from a boat -- near Little neck/Pavillion Beach -- about 200 yards seaward of the last mooring (which has a 32' lobsterboat on it) -- the green #9 buoy dragged to that spot this morning. It is all wrapped up in its scope and is barely visible, in a strong tide it will be hidden! It was in its usual position when I passed it on the way out ... must have dragged on the incoming surge; USCG N'Port notified.

FWIW: GPS accuracy was OK/fair, as it took a fairly long time to acquire, and said accuracy was only good to 150+ feet, usually I see ~35' if not better in that area.


09-16-2001, 12:37 PM
Basically repeated Dales Route on Sat. 9/15. Saw the out of place Can. Unlike Dale's morning the Wind Was Strong & Cold out of the North. Some Birds on Bait near MG, But they were on the move & tough to stay with. Did better in tight in some nuks & crannies, but only managed 3 schoolies. It was better than watching CNN.