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: RI Beach Permit advice

10-01-2001, 08:24 PM
My opinion is save your $50 and buy a new flyline, Unless you intend to use it more than that weekend. Reason, You can access most of the shore from various parking lots along the coast, from Napatree to Charlestown, with most being just over the dunes on a walkway. The exception being Watch Hill Beach, The Sand Trail to RIMS property, and East Beach. East Beach, and Misquamicut are very tricky to drive very soft, and not much room between the surf and the grass, which is taboo to drive on. The West end of East Beach has a couple of parking lots, Blue Shutters, and the state lot. East Beach is usually hot at the Charlestown Breachway, or at Fresh Pond Rock at the west end of East Beach, accessable from Blue Shutters parking lot. I have a Beach Sticker so I can shuttle anyone that wishes to fish a spot that is not accessable otherwise. Juro perhaps you should either post it or make some copies of the article I submitted to you about RI South Shore beach accesses. I just feel though that the fishing is peaking right now!

10-02-2001, 12:25 PM
Thanks Art,

You're right there are so many accesses.

Still I suppose if we pick a designated driver and pitch in with a few people the cost for extra access would be worth the $12 bucks, but for each to get a sticker that would be a pain. I am thinking one driver for each four or five riders?

Don't tell anyone but last time I fished East beach in oct I just drove to the east a few miles where the birds were thick and had a field day in the surf.

10-02-2001, 09:08 PM
Juro, This is my second post, I tried going back, and lost it. I was down there today, fish were everywhere. First my advice still stands, you don't need a beach permit. East Beach, and Misquamicut are treacherous to drive this year, soft sand, gullys, driftwood, whatever. Today they pulled out two trucks that run into a gully before first light. The fish , at first light were from Watch Hill Beach to almost Weekapaug that I could see. Before daylight they were right on the beach, 12 lb blues and bass to about 15 lbs. offshore the bass were larger from whaT I could see when it got light. Weekapaug Breachway had school bass to about 30 in. keepers, on the incoming tide. I didn't go any farther east. My son called me tonight to tell me he had to go and gas up his boat, as he has a Montaup Charter tomorrow, he looked outside around Napatree and said they was quite a lot of birds working over fish. I have to build a new flyrod before Next week as I lost my pet rod through carelessness. The rod I am using now is about 20 years old. Are people that don't get a room going to be able to get in there? Where are we going to meet? time? It is almost time to approach these subjects. I hope I don't forget your gear that Pete L left with me. The moon is full tonight, the bass are going to howl.

10-02-2001, 10:31 PM
OK Art, I am convinced about the permit! I'm one of those who likes beach stickers on the truck, sentimental fool I am. It would look good next to my well traveled Nauset Beach pass... also soft, deep, gullied and driftwooded but as you insist it sounds like I won't need it.

Well you may have figured we are waiting for those who expressed an interest earlier to use the sign-up so we can plan. At the current headcount we don't need to ask about having people over, we will have more room than we know what to do with.

I have four 9wts from my shore guiding business, please feel welcome to borrow a Sage / Lamson LP setup from me for the weekend unless you want to build that rod anyway, up to you.

Don't worry about the loaned gear, no sweat if you forget.

As far as meeting places... it's a little early for that level of detail although we usually split up and stay in communication to help each other out. A group at Quonny, Napatree, East Beach, Weekapaug - unless we get more signups this time around that's about all we could cover.

Jim, Gregg - what are your thoughts?