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10-01-2001, 03:45 PM
Here's a report from Weekapaug Bait & Tackle. They don't look like a fly shop but the reports are encouraging. You can check out the site Right Here (http://www.weekapaug.com)

Report for September 26, 2001:
Weekapaug Breachway/Weekapaug Point: Bluefish are getting larger Erik Ferazza weighed in a 15 pounder over the weekend; snapper blues are also still strong. Striper fishing is quite good at dawn and dusk. The beach fishermen have been doing very well. Boaters still do well around Weekapaug Point and in Weekapaug pond. False Albacore and Bonito have finally made a showing in the Breachway on Thursday's incoming tide. Scup (porgies) fishing remains at an all time high and are still being taken from the Weekapaug Beach at the first parking lot, in the Breachway and Fenway beach.
Quonny Breachway/Pond/West Beach: Snapper Blues have been in the breachway and pond for the past week. Monster Bluefish are still being taken at night. Striper fishing has picked up in the pond with the increase in baitfish over the last two weeks. Fishing the outgoing tides at night at the end of the breachway has been dropped off a bit.
East Beach/Charlestown Breachway:East Beach and Central beach are producing large numbers of bluefish and stripers after dark. John Mroczka had a couple of good nights on the soft side last week. Boaters still do quite well with tube and worm combos to the east all the way to Fresh Pond Rock. Surface action has been great early morning for both surf fishing and boaters. The back track along East Beach toward the breachway has been a good bet early morning.
Watch Hill/Napatree Point: Boaters do well on the reefs and along the east side of the light house both day and night. Watch Hill light is producing a lot of fish in the pocket toward the beach. Napatree continues to be worth the trip. Big Tim and friend Jason from Connecticut had a great night last week with plenty of fish all night long.
Block Island: Good reports of large fish running deep at the Southwest ledge. John Porter had 6 fish over 20 pounds jigging parachutes at the Southwest ledge. Surf fishermen are doing well along the Block Island beaches, especially Charlestown beach and the north light. Needlefish remain the lure of choice.

10-01-2001, 08:57 PM
It is not a flyshop, BUT they do have some flies. I know them all their, a good knowledgeable bunch. They all fish, and know where the fish are. Next year they are going into stocking more in flyfishing. Joe who designed the site is taking up flyfishing I went with him last week, he caught his first keeper with a flyrod. I will be there in the morning.