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: Rhody coast, 10/07

Dble Haul
10-08-2001, 09:20 AM
Spent the morning and early afternoon at various spots in RI. Started at Weekapaug where the water was off-color and had some mung. The surf was coming pretty good at the breachways and surrounding beaches, and conditions were tough. The tide was still coming into the salt pond, and nobody that I talked to had caught anything, even at first light, even with bait or plugs.

I moved on to Quonny Pond and waded out the sand bar to the channel markers, working my way towards the back. The pond was still rising, the water was fairly clear, and an occasional fish popped along the shelf. I managed a pair of very small (~14") stripers, but that was all that the spot yielded. Saw one other fly angler a couple hundred yards away and saw him take at least one striper of similar size. Again, the wind was strong and constant.

I then drove to the West Wall. What a sight. The surf was drenching anybody who dared to step out onto it. Waves up to 3 feet high were crashing, making for combat fishing conditions. I left the flyrod in the vehicle and just took a walk out to see if anybody was catching anything. A couple of bait anglers had some nice scup, but that was it. Like Weekapaug, the water was off-color and had some mung in it.

Discouraged, I decided to head back to my home in the greater Hartford area. Along the way I stopped at Niantic and caught one snapper. Again, the word going around was that nobody was getting any fish. I also stopped for an hour at the causeway in Old Saybrook, where I took another small striper, but that was it. To my surprise, I was the only one fishing this area for the whole hour that I was there. Only the hum of passing traffic accompanied me.

For those of you going to the upcoming Rhodyfest, I hope that the water clears, that the wind settles down a bit, and that those of you fishing from shore have better results than just about everyone I talked to yesterday. I now realize that this may have been my last trip to the area for the rest of the year, because we have an out of state wedding, relatives visiting, and relatives visiting again over the next three weekends. Then it's business travel.

Good luck to all, and if someone out there had better action from the Rhode Island shore, please share! :)


10-08-2001, 11:54 AM
I also fished Rhode Island on Saturday and got nothing. Even the hardcore chunkers at Charlestown breachway were shut out. Very difficult conditions. I went into the local bait shop and they said that the beaches were producing in the morning find it hard to believe that story. Hopefuly the weather will change for the Clave.

10-08-2001, 12:02 PM
Well, if the wind lays down the water should clear. Rumor is that a hard SW blow pushes warm water up, which would bode well for retaining exotics for a few days longer. I know there are still tunoids up in Nantucket Sound, so they aren't out of the equation yet. This first cold front from our neighbor to our north might not be the death grip, we could still get a no jacket afternoon or two this weekend if we are lucky.

Could go either way - fish, weather, all that. I know one thing, I am going to fish my butt off because from here on in we'll be cryin' for May again.

Looking forward to it,


10-08-2001, 10:37 PM
juro (10-08-2001 12:02 p.m.):
Rumor is that a hard SW blow pushes warm water up, which would bode well for retaining exotics for a few days longer.

According to the Weather Channel the SW conveyor belt will kick into action on Wednesday and will continue into the weekend. Looks good so far!