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: Rhody - What's the plan??

10-03-2001, 07:28 PM
For those staying over Friday night I like the idea of a pre-dawn trek to different spots so that we can get a handle on things. Art will be a great source of day before info, Much appreciated Art. Weekapaug.com will also help give us a clue on what's been going on. We can form impromptu groups Friday evening or meet up at 5am and go from there.
Seems like the hotel area is a good meeting spot if we keep it quick and quiet. What do you think Juro?

First light is 6ish and high tide at weekapaug is 6ish (I think), if the other beaches are +/- 30 minutes that puts High tide right around sunrise and sunset. Nothing wrong with that IMHO. If anyone has better info on the tides please speak up.
We need a basic plan so that we can meet up with day trippers and those who arrive on Saturday. That brings up the point of who’s arriving when Saturday, I’ll take a poll once we get a more complete list of attendees. Cell phone seems the obvious method.
We can do all kinds of planning now but we may very well end up doing something entirely different based on weather, wind, who caught where on Friday eve, etc…..

I’d like to see things remain dynamic:
[#]Get some idea of who’s in what group with a cell phone contact for each group.[#]If groups split up make your own telephone tree.[#]If someone is doing really well the word can be spread quickly.[#]If we have a phone list ahead of time we can organize something like this in 10 minutes.

What about the group dinner?
Seems like at the hotel is the way to go. I like the idea of after dark so that we can get the best of the dusk fishing possible.

Let’s hear everyone’s thoughts on this

10-03-2001, 09:54 PM
I'm thinking about joining the clave and was wondering if there's still room at the hotel and if there are any other yak fishermen in the group?

10-04-2001, 05:28 AM
Everyone, Check out the weekapaug.com fishing report, Hope it holds up till the Clave.

10-04-2001, 06:14 AM

I think you're on target. I will be arriving Friday night and want to fish as much as possible. That's why we're there, right?

10-04-2001, 07:05 AM
stevel (10-03-2001 10:54 p.m.):
I'm thinking about joining the clave and was wondering if there's still room at the hotel and if there are any other yak fishermen in the group?

Yes and yes.

Hotel is huge according to Art, sign up early to get the indiv. sleeping rooms. Others require combining people into same (large) rooms.

The backside of Watch Hill and inside all breachways are great yak waters. I recall that folks are bringing their plastic.

10-04-2001, 07:12 AM
Jim -

To answer your question, the hotel location is good for a rendezvous because it is in the middle of the Rhody southwest coast. I am not sure we really need to rendezvous until dinner though, IF we know which pods of anglers are going to which spots ahead of time. We certainly could though, and if we are going to then that's a good spot to do it I agree.

Shore spots to split to:

Napatree Point / Watch Hill
East Beach
Charlestown Breachway

Given that there will probably be 20 or so people, that's groups of four, very manageable. Keeping it dynamic would require a launching off spot to your point, and the hotel is as good as any I guess. So would an early breakfast spot up on the main drag ;-)

10-04-2001, 02:18 PM
On second thought, how complicated it sounds to have to figure out teams to hit spots, etc!

How about we meet at the hotel at 5am and go from there?

10-05-2001, 07:40 AM
I like the idea of having everyone meet up early on Saturday morning and then go from there. The only problem is that if we meet at 5:00 and take more than a few minutes to figure out who will go where and wait for stragglers, then some of us won't make it to our spots by first light. It's a bummer getting up really early, driving for a couple hours, and still not being on the water by sunrise. When I went to Rhody yesterday I arrived at Watch Hill Harbor at 5:00 a.m., got my gear ready and hiked right out to Napatree Point, only stopping to cast a couple times along the way. I got to the point at 5:40 and the sky started to brighten very soon after that. I only had about 15 min to spare. If we meet at 5:00 we need to make it a very quick meeting!

As for kayaks: I saw someone going out of Weekapaug breachway in a canoe yesterday during the outgoing tide. It looked pretty hairy but he did okay. I saw him fishing all the way over in front of the point to the east, and then later he was right in the blitz off the beach to the west of the breachway so he had pretty good mobility. DISCLAIMER: I am only stating my observations and am not recommending or suggesting that anyone try this!