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: Nantucket after the wind stopped

10-02-2001, 07:39 PM
I managed to roll out onto the beach after 4 days of wind to see if there were any fish left. The good news is that there are still fish out there, I didn't land any but I saw them, hooked them, and watched them swim away with a nice new Yozuri. This morning I worked around the inside with the long rod and watched fish follow fly, then swim on by. That was the only action in there according to other reports. I only saw a couple of blues being pulled in at the parking lot formerly known as Great Point. I hooked 3 more fish on the outside of the Galls, one of which swam away with my lure.
I managed to drag back out after work for a couple of hours where I got into a school of blues right before a private boat ripped along shore and put them down. I was informed on the way in that there were stripers out near the end of the point around 3:30. Just as the sun set and the moon came up, I hooked one more fish but the take was so quiet I missed the hook set. I guess I'm out of practice from having all that time off.
Some huge chunks of the outside have been washed away but the point has grown and widened since last week. No reports from the west end but I don't think the water warmed up enough to drive the fish that far away, I hope...

10-02-2001, 08:46 PM
Shane -

I know I am not alone when I tell you how much I appreciate your reports, at times when it's getting harder to visualize what's going on out there you keep us feeling like we're right there on Nantucket with the salt spray in our faces.

One thing that stands out is how well the water temps seem to have held up despite cold nights and n'oreasters. The fat lady sure hasn't sung yet for 2001!