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: Nantucket 9/28

09-28-2001, 06:57 PM
All things considered, this has to have been the best fishing of the year so far, right up until this morning. Sunday night the crew from the shop closed early and went out on the boat for a little nightime cruise. We ended up getting 6 or 8 "keeper" stripers off Tuckernuck Island until the water started glowing around us. Monday morning I was out on the beach inside of Great Point bright and early, where I landed 1 striper, 3 blues, 1 albie, and a sea robin all on the fly. One of the boats working the shore line just a couple of hundred feet off from me also added a 6 lb. Spanish Mackerel to the mix. The rest of the week has been devoted to early evening fishing, right up until just after dark. We ended up getting into a good mix of big blues and even bigger stripers off the beach using pencil poppers or bombers.
This morning I was out with a group of 5 women fly fishers who had spirit if not luck. It was dead clam but we didn't see any visible signs in the spot where I got 2 big stipers the morning before on the fly. One of the ladies did manage to hook an albie but lost it when it made one of those high speed turns at the end of it's first run but it was very exciting anyway. I found out later, that the guys who really worked at fishing the inside of the point did pretty well this morning. A couple of guys stopped by to tell of a bunch of blues, 1 striper and an albie that they caught this morning, so things were still happening on that side even though it would of been hard for the ladies to get into them.
The boats haven't been doing that much due to a sudden drop in travel traffic to the island, but when they have been out things have been pretty exciting no matter where they went. Great Point Rip has been really good further out just before dark. The outside of the outer islands right around sunset have been good with a mix of blues and bass right up on shore. Albies have been a pretty sure thing with one of the captains taking out a couple of guys yesterday landed 14 albies in the time of a four hour trip. That same captain was taking blues and bass in the surf right next to me last night.
We have been doing real well with blue pencil poppers on spinning gear for stripers and blues in the evening and small metals for the tunoids in the morning. I have done really well this week using white, and chartuese and white decievers or clousers for the bigger fish and small white decievers or epoxy patterns for the albies and spanish macs. Just remember that this is fly fishing and some patience is required. If you feel that the spot is good and you see fish or bait around, stick to it no matter what the guy down the beach is doing because those fish will get to you sooner or later...