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: Nantucket 10/5

10-05-2001, 07:40 PM
It's that time of year for me to post my last reports before I leave the island for the winter to get married and start my life with the new family, but I will be back next spring to do it all over again. Before I start my report,I want to thank everyone I met this year who helped my business and provided me with guidence and wisdom every day, those things can't be bought by anyone.
Now onto the late season fishing. Last week's blowing winds stirred things up pretty well but didn't send the fish
too far away. I was out at least every morning on my own and a couple of nights after work. There is still a lot of bait in the water all around the island. Great Point is still a pretty good bet for fish but they aren't coming in in the
numbers that they were last week. I've seen or heard of blues (some really big ones!) being brought in on the beach along with some good sized stripers along the east side of the point. We did manage to get into some blues this evening right around sunset. One of the captains took his father out along Great Point Rip the other day where they landed 30 stripers, all over 30" long. I haven't heard of any albies being taken out there this week, mainly because the wind blows the lure right back at you in this wind.
I was out at Eel Point this morning where I did see some albies running around in the channel and a little further up on Tuckernuck Flats but not close to me. There is however, plenty of bait out there and I expect them to be coming in closer as the wind pushes things into Smith's Point. I've also heard of some good nights along the south shore but you had to work hard and stay awake to get into them. There are also some schools of stripers inside the harbor, they didn't want to take anything, but they are up there. There are still fish to be caught out here, you just have to put your time in to get them....
Again, thank you all and I'll see you next year.