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: Makobound Saturday Morning

10-11-2001, 05:20 PM
I just heard from my son. He wants to leave his slip at 5:30am Saturday morning. This means the ones who are interested in going will have to be at Weekapaug west lot by about 5:05Am so we as a group who is going to go, and get them shoved off in the right direction. The reason it is so early is that there is a lot of boats on the water on the weekend, and he has to be back at 9AM for a charter at 10AM as he has to pick them up at another location. It is something that has come up pretty fast, and I don't want any hard feelings. My son was out there again today, it is wall to wall albies from Watch Hill to Napatree. If you are interested be there at 5:05 at the latest. I will be on later tonight, and am going down in the morning tioll about 1PM. Will be on Friday night as I will be home. I will have my cell phone on tomorrow if I haven't any fish on.

10-11-2001, 05:51 PM
Saturday morning I'm gonna be out in my father's boat on a family adventure. I'd love to hear any pointers you have for our travels. we'll be leaving the mystic river around 6am and I'm heading on to Watch Hill. Hope to see you out there, otherwise maybe on Sunday when I come back for shore duty. What can the non fly guys in the boat throw for the albies? Offline at if you want. I'm getting real excited now.


10-11-2001, 06:40 PM
Art -

We're not into bad feelings here. Why don't people show up and draw straws? Anyone not interested won't show, anyone who shows and doesn't pull the straw is already in a great spot to fish at dawn. No losers!


Would you recommend Phyllis' place for Gregg Estey to launch his boat?

thanks Art

10-11-2001, 08:47 PM
Yes, Greenhavan is a good place for Greg to put his boat in, some think it is expensive at $10 in, & $10 out. I think Pete Gray is talking though about Barn Island, I don't know that area, but there is rocks in the cove, if you go there be careful. From Greenhaven Marina just follow the buoys as there is rocks close to the channel. There is a shortcut going out about parrallelwith Napatree backside. It is marked, but not very good. My son cannot take that shortcut with his boat, draws too much water. I want to caution anyone that gets outside, the reefs are not very forgiving, ask GregD I think he broke his skeg a few days ago at Wicapisset, which is one of the reefs between Watch Hill, and Fishers Island. I hope I answered about the ramp.On a weekend I think Quonny is very crowded. It also is a wader ramp, with rocks on each side. If Greg goes there, follow someone out, just remember just clear the right hand wall, and go out at about a 45.

10-11-2001, 09:05 PM
Gregg -

I'm no expert but Greenhaven sounds like the best choice, the breachways are pretty hairy unless it's slack and you go right into the surf.