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: Help finding a ramp

10-11-2001, 06:11 PM
I looked around the posts and haven't seen ramp listings. With all the good news about the watch hill / napatree area I'd love to find a ramp close to there. So all you RI regulars, Art ;),any ideas on what would fit the bill?

10-11-2001, 06:54 PM
There is a state ramp...Barn Island...mid-way between Pawcatuck/Westerly and Stonington...that puts you into a cove that's next to the Pawcatuck River and the channel that takes you around Sandy Beach Island and to open water and the reefs of Watch Hill.
Off of Rt1 (there's a traffic light and a small state boat ramp sign) turn onto Palmer Neck Road and follow your nose down the winding/narrow road to the ramp. The channel is marked but it's best to go slow and not get creative since it's narrow and there are rocks waiting for the unconcerned boater. If this ramp is your choice, a little local knowledge goes a long way...I was planning on an early assault on Napatree but, I could meet you there early Saturday morning to help you get out and about...just a thought...
There's also a very primative ramp at Quonochontaug (Quonny) that will take small boats but the current makes it slightly challenging and waves at the mouth of the breachway can be formidable (...but you only live once?!)
I'm hearing about ALOT of fish on and around Sugar Reef!