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: Have a safe and successful weekend

10-05-2001, 03:55 PM
Most of us are feeling the season slip away, and there's always a little anxiety about that for me anyway. Four, maybe six weekends to go and things start looking a little sterile on the northeastern coast. But for now, challenging yet potentially rewarding angling for hardy souls is the venue.

With a big blow expected out of the SW, the boating will probably be held in check to selective locations that offer protection from the slop and the wind. Flyfishermen on the shore will be a bit more selective about the locations they target too.

The fish are on the move and thus here one minute, gone the next. I like strategies that string spots in succession this time of year to accomodate the migration habits. Many of my October plans include the Red River, Herring River, Bass River, and Parkers River mouths in succession to intercept moving pods of fish making an appearance in a natural attractor spots. Some years the albies and bonito come right to the shoreline to bust silversides and numerous juvie baitfish in the still warm waters despite cold morning air. The largest of the slammer blues are prowling now and the cow bass are out of their summering habits and on the move. If you see pogies you are going to see big fish sooner or later. The sand eels are big and fat and the fish know it.

Big fish show up in small estuaries this time of year too. Makes it fun to cast gurglers and sliders over smooth water along undercut peat banks way up inside away from the pounding surf.

Last October, before the winter storms, we had figured out some very productive locations thru the summer and they were paying off. These spots are mostly gone now, like the season itself but new spots came with 2001. Soon, 2001 will be another year logged into the books; a memory of great times and awesome angling to launch us into 2002.

But there's plenty of fishing left... I hope folks are going to reach out and grab some before the fat lady sings! Whatever the plans are, have a safe and productive outing and I look forward to the reports thru the weekend.

10-05-2001, 04:13 PM
Good post Juro.. you know I will not quit until probably November 1.. I got this feeling about the north tip of South Monomoy and south beach in the next week. After the RI clave? Final Squire get together?

10-05-2001, 04:16 PM
I had the same feeling.... I called our favorite shuttle service today... no answer. I hope our rides aren't done for the year?

10-11-2001, 07:01 AM
I'm in thanks to your help. Harry and I will meet in Manchester Vt today and I hope to be on Cape on the 16th and 17th for a final fling. Some good fishing is still to be had at estuary mouths all along the South coast especially between Bass River and Falmouth. If you will be in the area I'll be reachable at Harry's. Thanks again-looking forward to good vibrations-will be in the mEverglades from Nov to May-might see you there eh!