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: Grego's albies... Was it a fluke?

10-01-2001, 02:48 PM
Grego recently celebrated his dads birthday by taking him fishing in Rhode Island waters. Well, the day started out very windy and very cold. Certainly not conditions conducive to warm water species. What chance would we have of catching an exotic? Conditions were difficult to say the least, wind over 35 knots and waves the height of a normal person.

The next day I read on the Fly Fishing Forum that Greg and his dad had this tremendous successful trip. That's when my conscience started to bother me to the point that I could not sleep that night. So this is like my confession. Please hear my side of the story, than you decide.

We were fishing the inside walls of the Harbor of Refuge. It was just too rough to venture into open water. As we were shooting the breeze, I opened up a locker and showed Greg and his dad some toys I picked up at Walmart. You know, those neat pillows you buy that look like game fish. I have several on board (albies, bass, and bluefish, hah! and a shark too). His dad ask, "What do you do with these toys?"
My response was, "When we're out on the water, people gesture, are you catching anything?" That's when I pick one up and show them from a distance. That way people think you're catching fish. Sure helps your reputation, when you think about it.

We started poising for pictures with this rubber fish. All seemed innocent at the time, till I got home and enlarged one of the pics. That's when the whole bang derailed. I told the other guys this wouldn't work. Do you know how many educated technical computerized personnel we have viewing this board? One of them is bound to find out. So this is kinda like my confession. Glad to have gotten this off my chest.

See Pic below for the proof.
Now who's telling the truth?

10-01-2001, 07:05 PM
Wow, Great idea!! I finally have a use for the 30 inch rainbow trout pillow my kids gave me. I'll be the one with the huge trout at Comet pond. Sure will be heavy when it gets wet!!