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: fishing sunday morning 10/7

10-06-2001, 11:44 AM
gonna go fishing in the morning,(finally)... what's my best shot at fish? Rhodey, the cape? help!!! anyone want to go? let me know. Tom D

10-07-2001, 03:23 PM
Tom -

We hit Nauset yesterday am during the gale... beat to a pulp by the wind and surf. We found schoolies, blues but no big fall fish. In fact it was tough finding anything in that wind.

On the positive side, those who fished at night Friday night did well according to reports I've received thus far, and the wind swing favorably in the afternoon as we left.

In retrospect, I wish I fished today instead of yesterday. Oh well, hindsight strikes again! Although the wind is still strong there are many more leeward opportunities in tunoid country now that it's swung west/northwest, and the backside should be negotiable with flyrods last night, tnday and tonight.

If you're looking to connect with a big fall fish I'd hit the inlets on the eastside of the Cape with this west/northwest wind and the presence of large fall fish, albeit hit or miss, you'll fish with the excitement of a cow taking the fly during the off hours and should find lots of mid-sized blues and fat schoolies for a reasonable effort now that the wind has swung to offer some lee protection.

10-07-2001, 04:00 PM
I hit the watch hill area, winds still tough but one schoolie 22 inches(fat), didn't see anyone else hook up. man I wish I had brought the yak< 1/2 mile out the birds were in a bezerker frenzy... stopped at quonny for a short time, easier casting , plenty of bait... nada!!! Tom D

10-07-2001, 04:34 PM
Same story on the back beaches... birds all over the place out where only the boats could go... but you wouldn't want to be out there yesterday! The bird frenzy 300 or more feet out is a common trend for this time of year thinking back through the years. And it's true that they come to the shore at night.

I've become much more of a daytime striper angler recent years. In fact I fished zero nights this year and it's been my best season ever with only few outings without finding multiple legal fish to eat my flies. All of my shore trips resulted in at least one legal (daytime) fish. Daytime angling success comes from focusing on behavioral patterns at learned locations, tides phases, etc. Exploiting reliable habits of fish, essentially.

All this goes out the window during the migration! Now the only thing that is reliable is that things will change every day. There is no predictability, but there is high potential for scary big fall fish. We saw carcasses of fish filleted during the night that passed that makes one shudder to think about hooking on a 9wt.

Maybe the fall migration is the right time to re-adopt night fishing? Some of the smartest anglers I know like to fish under the cover of night. I used to night fish a lot. Big fish would be all over the place, sometimes I'd flick on a flashlight to avoid stumbling on rocks and there would be a cow bass sitting in two feet of water waiting to ambush an unsuspecting morsel. I've also hooked some of my biggest stripers at night back in those days. Maybe it's the right time to re-explore night fishing...

10-07-2001, 07:12 PM
I did exactly the opposite this year, without the big-fish results. Far more night and pre-dawn fishing. Generally hit mutliple fish on every outing, one of my best year's ever, but most of my fish are in the mid20s. That was true day-time, but I found greater numbers at hight. That's sort of the size the non-chunkers get around here in the Western Sound in New York.

I always thought the migration was the one time of year you could change over to day-time fishing with confidence.

Then again, I've always wondered if the night-time thing was mostly the time fish came into the beaches and shallows, not necessarily when they fed. I've had plenty of good days fishing from a boat. Then again, my best beach day this year where i caught multiple keepers was early June, early morning at Balston, Truro.

None of this sounds like a pattern to me.