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: Chathan 9/29 Report?

10-02-2001, 11:58 AM
Saturday AM while the rain was still coming down (or more correctly coming down with a significant sideways component)and the Coast Guard was raising gale warnings at the Chatham light, someone was fishing quite a ways out on the bar at the South end of the bowl.

Even if no fish were caught, from the light it looked like it was more "exciting" out there than most of us would enjoy.

Is anyone going to offer the first hand report?

10-02-2001, 01:17 PM
Ok.. you caught us...Myself, Pete gray and Terry W.(lefty) left my house around 5 and headed out along the beach, fishing as we went. Saw leon Long ,a local Spinner catch one as we walked by. Fished the point and later moved around to south beach and the second large sand bar.. Wind was blowing hard and we had to position ourselves on the bar with the wind to our backs. But we were able to fish the large hole on the right side of the bar. There is NO casting lesson available for cast straight in that wind that day. NO fish .. If we had stayed longer it might have paid off since we did leave just at High tide around 10. A few other guys showed up with spinning gear and they were not hooking up. The north east wind generally proves for poor fishing at south beach so we decided to head over to Hardings..The wlk back was a killer facing into the wind... anyway.. nothing to report. Nice dinner friday evening at the Chatham Squire with Terry, Brendan O'Brien and his brother inlaw and a friend from Vermont. I would conclude that the weather killed us Saturday,or the wind.. I would have loved a windless rainy day. By the way... Terry had a great time, he saw two fish being caught and concluded that it was the best day of fishing for him in Chatham in a long time.

10-02-2001, 06:52 PM
Last year around this time we were discovering the magic of a spot that has faded into the sand... Big Girl Bar. >sigh<

Perhaps next year will bring us another outstanding (however fleeting) opportunity like that!