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: Block Island 9/28

09-29-2001, 03:18 PM
I just replaced my boat's fuel system filters and tank sending unit and wanted to test it out chasing some tuna or stripers. Headed out of Point Judith around noon and found it nice and calm. Cruised around the rock walls and out were I bumped into some bonito prevoiusly, nothing in sight, no bird activity. Block island looked so close and I had plenty of gas so I headed over. Was impressed with the speed of those new cat style ferries on the way over, they really cruise.
Nice rip formed on the incoming along the nothwest edge, worked it for awhile nothing biting, no bait. Lots of charter boats and others drifting or trolling till noon then pretty much all gone. Worked along the north beach east towards the big boulders, hazardous navigation around those lurking just under the surface. Thought for sure I might find a big bass around those things. Nothing biting, no visible bait there either. Cruised back to the rip and away from the island then headed back. Still nothing showing on the surface, birds flying by no bait.
When I got in to the boat ramp I meet a couple other fishermen putting there boat in. They go out for the sunset and fish till midnight or so then head back in. He thought the south west ledge in about forty feet of water was best. Used primarily chunks and live eals. Another guy mentioned skipjack tuna coming right into the bay by the boat ramp in the morning. I've never fished there before not sure what area might be more productive. I certainly expect to go back again and would appreciate hearing of some good spots to checkout if anyone has been there or knows of any good spots.