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: What's the best bet for Saturday/Sunday

10-26-2001, 04:07 PM
Anybody going to be hitting the shore this weekend? Didn't make it out this morning as my son thought he busted his toe - got X-ray this morning just to be sure. No break - so he may tough it out for the game tomorrow with a little help with some Tylenol.

We should be able to head south by 9:30 Saturday morning and I was wondering if any of the "crew" were getting together.

I'll check up until tomorrow (Saturday) morning before heading down.


DaveP & BrettP

10-26-2001, 04:24 PM
Dave -

Hope he's doing better, nothing like a sore toe to ruin your stride.

I found out I am working Sunday, Saturday iffy unless I get a hall pass. Will find out a bit later on,


10-26-2001, 06:25 PM
I'm a maybe for Sunday but Saturday is out. I'll have a better idea of what I'm doing later in the day Saturday.

10-26-2001, 06:57 PM
I'm playing carpenter Saturday but may get out for an am sortie Sunday. Any ideas? I'm thinking something like Sandy Neck beach unless the wind is out of the north

10-27-2001, 08:24 AM
I forgot about brunch with the inlaws >dOh<

Only chance in hell for me is a night trip between a weekend workday (crunch project) and a family Sunday brunch ("oh no dear, I hadn't forgotten ;)"). That could be scary for everyone involved - so I'm out until next weekend.

I'll be doing my indian summer dance all week...

Go get 'em Brett!

10-27-2001, 10:11 AM
Where to go...

North shore Magnolia area is holding some migration parties and lots of bait. These fish traditionally have been on the shore in the morning but I would imagine a flood tide would bring them in to spots mid-day.

If you go southwest to Rhody, there should be something to keep Brett busy between all of the breachways down to Napatree and a father son lunch in between.

If you go southeast, Roop and I have found very large and rotund bass riding out of the inlets on dropping tides recently, within the last week anyway with fish going over 20# on fly rods. Nauset, Chatham, and Nantucket Sound river mouths (Hardings, Red, Herring, Bass, Parkers, Cotuit, Wianno, Dowses, Falmouth ponds) look for birds and hop the small beaches between jetties from dawn to mid-morning tomorrow between Chatham and Yarmouth on the south side. Look for birds, you're bound to find something.

If the south side looks dead run up to Sesuit Harbor and park on the west side at Harborview Beach, walk to the base of the jetty and down to the narrow channel on the dropping tide. The fish will be coming out of the harbor and feisty. Surprisingly, the narrow channel with the steep sand shoal to stand on is one of the most productive spots. Good spot for kids. If he has waders you might consider Cold Storage on the dropping tide (mid-morning to early afternoon) working to the east along the shoals and beaches. Make sure you don't stick around for the flood with your son. Another good option is to park at Chapin and make the hike out to Bass Hole. Arrive at high and fish the drop, look for birds.

High tides are mid-morning, so if you are targeting jetties I'd plan for those times. This makes it easier to fish, less snags, and safer for getting fish to hand. Dropping tides often attract blitzes to river mouths, like the Herring River and Bass River but once again go before there are too many rocks showing.

This time of year it's a cast and move proposition. The fish are moving fast. They pop up here and are gone an hour later. My strategy is to play the odds of covering a lot of ground and frankly the odds are pretty darn high.

The fish are crankin' through the canal this time of year too. I am not a big canal fan so can't help you there. Actually, I've put my time in there but these spots are NOT advisable for fishing with kids.

I think either way Rhody or south Cape, you win. Just don't get too married to a spot cause the fish sure aren't.

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10-28-2001, 10:19 AM
Sorry... can't make it this weekend... but CAC is open next weekend.