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: Rhodyfest - late report

10-17-2001, 10:54 PM
Bet you guys didn't know I was part of Rhodyfest '01. Neither did I, 'till it was too late! I spent Friday and Saturday in South County without even knowing you guys were there. Too bad, instead of eating McD's and sleeping in a tarp on the beach, I could have lived the life of luxury! It wasn't until I ran into Art at Weekapoug Saturday afternoon that I found out you guys were there. At least I got to see my good friend Art again. Hey Art, what the heck does your wife feed you anyway? Where do you get all that energy? I hope I have as much energy as you when I'm your age. Hell, I wish I had your energy now!
Sorry I missed the rest of you, although I did see Hawkeye at the Breachway. We were both kinda looking at each other with that "hmm, he looks familiar" look. [I was the crazy looking dude in the wet suit].

As for the fishing, well, this season hasn't been up to par in my opinion. Friday tons of fish off the Fire District overlook had me real excited. I rushed over to the breachway to get a choice spot for the turn of the tide, counting on albies to run the jetties with the incoming as they've done regular as clockwork the past several seasons. Myself and a few of the diehard Weekapoug regulars were left standing on the jetty like jilted brides, all dressed up, with no place to go.
At sunset small bass and blues had a few flurries at Fire District Beach [people were calling them "mini-blitzes", I guess they've never seen a true Rhody blitz]. I managed to pick up a few with the heavy artillary.
Later I redeemed myself with the long wand when I found a few schoolies "nymphing" under the street light at the marina. They refused all the usual offerings while feeding off the bottom on what I believe were shrimp. You could see their sides flash and little puffs of sand come up as they turned sideways to snatch something off the bottom, just like nymphing trout. I finally cracked the code with 10lb flouro and a small clouser left lying on the bottom. As a fish approached the fly, a short jerk off the bottom would trigger a take. These fish were 18 inches or smaller, but quite satisfying none the less.
Saturday would have been a bust for me if it wasn't for my backup plan. I came prepared with wetsuit and snorkling gear to hunt for stray tropical reef fish. I actually achieved a slam by capturing two kinds of butterflyfish and one damselfish. One of the butterfly species was particularly exciting because they are rare up this way. In eight years of trying, I've only seen six, and two of those were the ones I saw Saturday.
Anyway, just thought I drop a line to say Hi to y'all. Might get out one more time this season, maybe I'll see ya out there.

10-18-2001, 06:00 AM
Mike, It was sure good to see you last Saturday. I could have used you to find a few fish could have tied a line on you let you swim out with a fly attached to my rod, it would beat casting in that surf. I hope you get on this board more often, as I believe you have a lot to offer the guys here. Let me know when you are coming down to RI again I could get you to the west-side of Quonny again. Thanks for the kind words. George, one of the gentleman I was talking to, is one of the best albie fishermen around RI, If you see him, albies are not far away. I hoe you can use your home computer more often, but some of your wisdom on this board. TL ArtB

10-18-2001, 09:27 AM
Hey Mike Z.,

Great to hear from you. HAven't seen you since Boneclave I. We've continued the tradition and the Boncelave lives on. Hope to see ya at one of the claves next year.
BTW, Bill Downing was down the South County as well and didn't know you guys were around.

Lefty (TerryW incognito)