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: peanut bunker in Naragansett

10-20-2001, 09:05 PM
Well, maybe a little bigger than peanut, about three or four inches.
Lemme backup. Took my two older boys [11 & 8 yrs] for a last run to South County. Fishing is by no means over, in fact it could bust wide open any day. I just have too many balls in the air right now and I've had my fun for the season. [For those of you who've known me for years, NO, I'm not on medication, just gettin old]. Anyway, we started at Weakapoug and cruised back and forth from Watch Hill to Fire District beach. Birds and fish everywhere! Been awhile since I've seen so much activity. Unfortunately, it was never in reach from shore, AND, the bait is still tiny anchovies. Lots of very frustrating action with very little hooking up. Finally gave up fishless. Decided to take the boys on a tour of some of my spots along the shore. Eventually we ended up in Naragansett about 1:00 pm. Driving along the shore road, we found a flock of birds going nutty right in the wash in front of the Coast Guard House resturaunt. Good sized stripers and small blues were harrassing bunker in the rocks. Long story short, we banged a few of each on plugs before leaving to rush home for a birthday party. Eight year old Matthew got high hook with a 29 1/2 inch keeper bass. He also lost a 36 in+ fish which almost pulled him off his rock. His big brother was content to score a couple of nice blues. Dad was soaking wet, covered in blood [mine and the fish's] and grinning from ear to ear. Some lasting memories to cherish for years to come.
The moral of this story is, lots of bait and birds all along that stretch of shore when we left. Looked like it was gonna get good soon. Anyone who gets this in time should give that piece of shore a look tomorrow.

10-20-2001, 11:37 PM
Hi Mike,

It's great you found some within reach on your tour of spots, great way to finish up the day's fishing. Glad to here there is alot of activity down there. I can only imagine your son's face with that large fish pulling him towards the water. That large fish that broke off and the keeper will be an experience he won't soon forget. Thanks for the report, guess I'll be going down that way this morning to see what we can find.


10-21-2001, 09:35 AM
We hit the towers in Narragansett around 11:00 am yesterday morning. Caught just a few rat blues around three pounds a few hundred yards from shore. In fact it was the only place we encountered any surface bait. That tells you that most of the fish were concentrated in that one area. Sea swells made fishing the South shore difficult again. What a great day weather wise.

Along Black Point there was a small pod of albies. Wouldn't take the take but it was fun seeing 'em flocking thru the surf.

10-21-2001, 09:36 PM
I hit Naragansett today from Scarsborough beach, both sides of Pt. Judith breezeway, the west wall jetty. Found only school of shad near the boat ramp and little groups of bait. Not much happening while I was there, hardly any surface activity where I was. What little I saw was well offshore. Beautiful day to get out though, hope this weather stays this nice for awhile longer.


10-22-2001, 04:36 AM
Saw the peanut bunker and caught one large shad near Point Judith. Shad were breaking all over the place. Ocean not fishable with a flyrod. A least I got a fish. FishHawk

10-22-2001, 08:44 AM
Awesome job passing the torch Mike! I can only imagine the look on your son's face as the striped submarine took him to town. If he wasn't already I'm sure he's hooked for life. It sounds like his brother and dad all had a day to remember as well.

Hope to hook up with you soon,