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: Hey Jared...Nice Fly!

10-29-2001, 10:04 AM
When someone gives me a fly on the water I tend to slip it into my pack and wait for a season or 2 for the right time to use it.
At the Rhode trip 2000 Jared gave me this great looking Juvi pattern done in the high tie method. So last weekend I find the fish. My own Juvi collection had dwindled down, the hook points are failing, flies beat up and I'm loosing hook ups. I dig out the box and there it is!!! Jareds Juvi! just over a year has passed.! Tie it on and bang I'm landing 20 to 22" schoolies. Then thud...ZZZzzzzz 28" landed! They love this fly. The fly took a huge beating over the next couple hours yet held up until it dissappeared in a blitzing fishs lip.
Ok so seeing how my fav juvi pattern (baby buffy type) takes me about 45 mins. to tie, Jared man.. you gotta give show me how to tie these guys, they rock! What are you tying this thursday at UFT? It is this thurs right? If not maybe at Sullys tying Clave.
Thanks for a great fly.


10-29-2001, 10:49 AM
Terry --

Glad you did well with the fly -- I've found it to be effective.

I'm unfortunately banned from tying at UFT for the next 2 years....(unless it's the blind bugger contest, which after
last year, I have a feeling will become an annual event).

Not sure who is tying what at UFT this month, but do stop by and
say "hi" if you're there.


PS am sure we can figure out some time to tie a few up together...