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: Groton Ct report 10/25

10-25-2001, 05:01 PM
'Got a no-notice call from a pal regarding one last charter and suddenly developed something wrong with my eye... couldn't see (going to work)...
Launched outa' Groton CT and made way to Fisher's Island... Outgoing rips yielded several schoolies and 5 false albies each... late morning winds picked up as expected so we did islands near Groton airport and got into some mobile blitzes up and down, in and out...blues, bass, and a few more false albies. (SLAM)
If you are looking to get into some fine hard-tail fall fishing it may be too late this year but...Next season, plan ahead and if you can afford a charter with local talent, you will be nicely rewarded. ("High-Sticking" not allowed and check your drag!)
The approaching cold front could chase away the exotoids but the bass and blues should be around for a while. Napatree and the RI beaches are calling!!! Tick tock tick tock.

10-26-2001, 07:20 AM
I grew up in Mystic and have fished the area tons before moving to Boston. I love the fishing there in October, the area around Bluff Point is usually loaded with bass until early november, but you're right, the cold front could kill it all. I wish I could make it down this weekend for one last hurrah there. Great report.


10-26-2001, 09:39 AM
Nick...I saw ALOT of bait (anchovies) in close to Pine Island and at Fishers. There were gangs of fish hitting and running...well suited for a boat sortie although occassionally action was close enough to the shore to allow a sand-bound opportunity. A YAK could also be in interesting option (once the winds stops)... Small brownish surf-candies did the trick.
Last week false albies' were abundant and eager. Yesterday they were acting as if their bags were packed and they were getting ready to depart. Tick Tock