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: Full moon fishing around Horse Neck Beach RI.

10-30-2001, 06:07 PM
With the full moon and pretty decent weather for this time of year I thought I'd see what I could find around Horse Neck Beach. I hit the boat ramp and bridge at midnight, water was outgoing near low murky but with the sounds of small fish popping in the distance. Decided to hit the beach then come back on the incoming.
It was a cold and clear, near full moon with a light north breeze. Wasn't cold at all after the hike with the gear and waders, it was mighty quiet and picturese. Worked Horse Neck beach to the mouth of the Westerly inlet. Walked back and moved east to the point and the next beach over, all quiet.
Decided to head back to the inlet where the fish were active. Set-up lantern on the bridge hanging just over the water, saw some shad rising feeding. They moved right in behind and some times under the lantern picking off bait. I was using a small dark olive peanut bunker (epoxy body) got lots of hits, lost 8 or nine and landed 6. Once I stood around casting and catching fish it started to get quite cold. You don't seem to mind as much when your catching fish. The shad saved me from a skunking again, hoped to find some Stripers or big blues though. Tides weren't where I would have liked, But I got out and found some fish. I hope to try Napatree area and some of the breachways
before Nauset/Chatham this weekend. Looks like it will be warmer for the weekend hopefully.