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: ArtB saves the day!

10-15-2001, 10:01 AM
I was in the last group the leave the hotel Sunday, took a peek at Quonny, got some gas and was heading back to pick up the camper. Around 1ish the cell phone rings, itís Art Burton, ďJim thereís birds working 300 yds off Watch hill beach, and I think they are coming in toward the beach.Ē I called Juro who was the last to leave the hotel, he was already pretty far away. So I make my way back to shore road and shoot out onto the beach. Art was parked about a mile down and there was action out beyond the range of even the spin fishermen. The surf was of course cranking, but I decided to try to lanch the yak anyway, perhaps a surfboard would have been more approriate. Too bad we donít have some video for Americas funniest videos. I set the yak down on the sand with everything already tied down. I sit in it, a wave comes in, Iím up in the air and get in a couple of strokes gaining about 15 feet, the wave recedes Iím on the sand. The next wave comes in, Iím up in the air and a little wet this time I make some real headway out to where the waves are curling. BAM! I get hit by a good size wave. Note to self: do not scream ďHoly S%@ !Ē when a wave is about to go over your head. Yak is Ĺ full of water and becoming a tad unstable. A few more hard strokes of the paddle and Iím beyond the breakers. I pump out the boat with a bilge pump and now Iím in hot pursuit of the birds. I am still tasting saltwater. I paddle like crazy to catch up to the busting fish, theyíre ALBIES! Casting short I strip in my line and paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle Cast again, BANG! Nice hit but no hook up. Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, another cast short. Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, Boats converge on the spot, birds follow the fish to Watch hill. I am not crazy enough to go play in the rocks the way the surf was pounding. Now Iím thinking how fun it will be to surf in, NO. The splashing starts up to the East. This time itís blues and I get one about 5-6lbs, nice fight. I get cut off by the next one. I start paddling after the blues which are now getting scattered by another fleet of boats. I decide not to compete with the boats and head in. The waves had subsided some when I came in. This time I had better timing/luck and landed nicely on the beach. I talked to Art for a while who also got soaked by some if the rouge waves while surfcasting. Great times with a great guy.

I hope everyone realizes how hard Art worked to find the fish. From scoping things out before we got there to the many miles he put in both on and off the beach Saturday when he talked to over 100 people.

Thanks again Art.

10-15-2001, 10:18 AM
Jim -

I had a feeling Art's red alert on Sunday would be a direct hit. I was tempted to turn around on I-95, kind of wish I did now. Fishing is a game of perseverance and you went the extra mile, too bad you didn't land the albie but you hooked one on a fly under exhilarating circumstances.

If we had done this as a boating trip we would have been in albie city the whole time with the numbers between Watch Hill and Fishers. But the shore crew gets an A for effort anyway.

Art, it was great hangin' with you on Saturday and catching up on things. You're still a real youngster at heart and your fire for fishing burns as bright as anyone's. Your efforts over the weekend shows us what kind of guy you are, we really appreciate it and are honored to call you friend.

I really look forward to the next time we get out there together!

10-15-2001, 11:04 AM
I wonder if those are the same fish Juro and I saw off the Weekapaug jetty. I was thinking I wish I had my Yak, but it was in Boston. Oh well, nice to hear you scored. I lover surfing in the Yak, and its this reason that I got the sit on top over the conventional. Water comes in, water goes out.


10-16-2001, 04:48 AM
Jim way to respond to the call!

Art - I want to thank you for working so hard to make Rhodyfest 2001 to be a great time. You hooked a few of us up with a half day with your son. He put us right on busting Albies a bunch of times, even though the ALbies didn't cooperate. You drove the beeches in an attempt to find any fish busting and talked to a bunch of people to see if there was any action.

Art - thanks again for acting as a local host.

All I have to say is I had a great time with a great bunch of guys. My hat is off to Juro for making this all possible with his extremely hard work on making this board what it is. Thank you Juro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!1