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: Hudson River, Croton 4/28

04-28-2001, 03:13 PM
I finally got out to wet a line at Croton Point Park this morning. I arrived at about 9:00 a.m. and it seems I missed the bite by about two hours. A local guy with a small skiff was coming off the water as I arrived. He'd had two keepers out of seven fish for about an hours fishing. I had an hour or so of outgoing tide left and, seeing someone wading way out I thought I'd give it a try. The water's very murky down there and I wasn't too hopeful. After about half a dozen casts, everything went solid, very solid. I slowly started to lift against what felt like an old tyre when the surface exploded. Big fish but what? Certainly didn't feel like a striper. Just kept swimming away. After about 20 minutes of heaving and pulling, I wrapped my arms arround a huge Carp of about 30lb. Another angler with spinning gear came over to look and got very excited. Seeing my charteuse clouser he started muttering something about "slugos".

By this time the North Easterly wind was taking its toll and the water felt pretty cold. I left him to his Slugo and headed up to the new Croton Dam for a bit of reconaisance. It's a spectacular spot with some very nice trout water. I was really interested in checking out a spot where very large stripers are rumored to hold out after chasing herring up the river. Apparently none have been seen yet this year but the trout fishermen don't like them. It seems the stripers are just as happy munching on an 18 inch brownie as a 12 inch herring. Needless to say, this spot will be a regular checking in point for me over the next few weeks. My day was made when an otter appeared on the opposite bank!