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: How about an update on the fly swap???

03-05-2001, 06:39 AM
I'll lob the first stone....
Anyone receive their flies yet?
Just I never got a confirmation that my flies were even received???
Doug B.

03-05-2001, 08:53 AM
Here's an update:

Bob Pink and I met to exchange his Kodak CD's from his photographic images with me while I showed up with the flies received at the Marlboro show and Sully's Stony Brook clave. Therefore he is now photographing the flies I had been keeping while he was out of town, and I am reducing and formatting the gorgeous images he took for putting up on the site.

Not only will there be a roster, but each image will be hosted on our server and a link to your image will be emailed to you in a format where it can be cut and pasted into the fly pattern archive without any muss or fuss on your part.

I've processed a the images for web-ready use and will be sending a contact sheet to Bob for identification for the emails. I'm sure we can get these processed by the end of the week.

Confirmation of receipt of flies is a good idea in the interim, we'll adopt that for all swaps in the future.

<font size="1">(Special thanks to Bob for driving up to my neck of the words directly from his meeting schedule downtown so I could meet him near my office, not to mention the photography and holding the swap despite his extrememly busy schedule!)</font><!--1-->

03-05-2001, 09:04 AM
Thanks for the reply Juro. Like I said, I was just curious.
Some of us recently completed a swap on the other board...and it had the same due date...though I'm sure that there were far more participants in yours.
No biggie! Time to start riding the storm out. Be safe!

03-05-2001, 02:10 PM
BOB,can't wait to see them ALL,better yet fish w/them.

Bob Pink
03-05-2001, 09:42 PM
I was holding off for a late arrival who just ended up having to cancel so... I'll be selecting some flies for the swap from the fresh stock in my basement, finish the photos, then start sorting them out for their return trips. Everyone should see them in about a week. ( Of course then they will be burning a hole in our flyboxes until we get those first spring reports from Capt Ray... )

03-06-2001, 09:04 AM
I'll have those images web-ready by this afternoon Bob!

Warmth and safety to all!