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: help! I need to take a freind swff this weekend...

05-01-2001, 07:01 PM
what is the best spot,tide etc, for this weekend? a good friend is coming in from London for 2 days, we can fish one of em. I live in Sharon , so cape , Rhodey, I don't care to find sum fishes!!!! thhanks, Tom D

05-01-2001, 07:37 PM
Normally this time of year I would be able to offer all kinds of advice... Buttermilk, Falmouth ponds, southside river mouths, etc. This year things have been stalled as you already know. Let's see, unless you have a desire to drive as far as Jersey it's going to be find fresh arrivals or target holdovers (which I know nothing about). For fresh stripers (starting BIG picture) the stretch from Rhody to Chatham is the target zone. You could call upon Art Burton, Ray Stachelek, Peter Jenkins, and others from the Rhody coast for their votes in the Ocean State.

On this side of Westport the warmer inlets around the Ware, Weweantic, east to Buzzards Bay are annual early birds. Buttermilk pulls early migrants heading to the canal and the herring runs (well underway) and thus is a good spring bet. Heading over the bridge down the west Falmouth shore are Old Silver, Quissett, the Knob, down to Nobska, then you're on the 'drive at Falmouth heading toward Poppy and Cotuit which are pretty good early bets. Wianno is a favorite of mine as well. From there is Dowses which isn't a bad bet - it gets a strong showing of early fish and the spring squid chasers made a showing each year except last year after they dredged it. Then there are the ones that shoot the canal and turn east onto the broad shoals from Barnstable to Wellfleet, with Brewster Flats right in the middle on the bayside. May is a great month for the bayside flats.

The Nantucket Sound river mouths are usually happening by first week in May - Parkers, Bass, Herring, Red River, etc. Hardings and the Monomoy / South Beach 'bathtub' are next to light up and hold the bass thru the summer while others strafe the backside with a vengeance. Eventually the flow thru the canal and up from the islands intersects north of the bay and Plum Island gets their spring shot.

I guess I am not helping! ;D This time of year I am happy about the sheer anticipation of slapping bright arrivals blitzing the beach any day now. To be honest, I chased the first fish hard the first couple years after I moved back from the pacific, and now I am content to wait until they arrive in my honey holes from Exit 4 on the Cape to the Race (both sides), and a bit later on up on the North Shore.

If it were me, I would target Bass River and Herring River paying attention to the dark bottomed estuaries if there is nothing happening around the top of the tide at the outlets.

There could be much better fishing further to the southwest, but these areas have been consistent early locations (last year's spring clave was May 10 and there were plenty of fish).

Getting a report from our friend SaltyDog would be a good idea, although he will be fishing around the elbow of the cape up in Pleasant Bay and thus one climate zone apart from the south sounds' warm river zones.

If I can work it out I will be scouting this weekend, maybe we can hook up if you are interested in rolling the dice on the south sound.

05-01-2001, 08:35 PM
Tom, I wil down my place this weekend but plan to go to Bridge Street at some point on the late incoming and eaerly out going and you can walk away in one hour with 30 or 40 stripers from 8 to 20 inches. Let me know.

Nathan Smith
05-02-2001, 01:08 PM
Mr. Morin's offer sound really good. I think I will be heading down to RI this weekend looking for Fresh fish. If you want to hook up you are welcome. I will be hitting Carpenters/Wall/2nd Beach.....

05-02-2001, 02:52 PM
still unsure as to when the wives will cut us loose, will let you guys know as soon as the plans get narrowed down. thanks, Tom D

05-02-2001, 03:01 PM
Tom - there are several who will be on the southside this weekend if you do decide to do the cape. Nate's suggestion clarifies where he was last weekend though ;D