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: great stripping basket

12-23-2000, 08:15 AM
here is a great find! the LLBean stripping basket. a freind fished one all last season(man I wanted it). it is mesh, built on a MOLDABLE wire frame, so you can walk with it comfortalbly and it collapses so it isn't akward to wark with. you can put it over near your hip and mold it there to get full arm movement for big strips, or in front, again change the shape. weighs almost nothing,great for the death marches, and is cheap!!! less than 20 bucks! my freind liked his so much he bought a spare in case he lost his, how's that for an endorsment! by the way he has at least 3 other baskets of varying designs(all sat on the shelf all season). Tom D
P.S. oh yeah, I just bought 2 as well

Tod D
12-23-2000, 09:42 AM

I've been using the Bean folding mesh basket for the past 2 seasons & I'd agree with your general assessment. Two issues/complaints that I have had with it though. First, because it's mesh it obviously doesn't sit up in the water when you doing some deep wading. Marry that to an active surf/current and it's a recipe for some decent line tangles. While the basket keeps your line together it can create some nasty bird nests. Second, (and I should probably add a caveat that I only use mine in salt so it takes a beating) one of the wires has worked its way through the mesh and it started to show some signs of corrosion. While Bean's does have that tremendous return guarantee I've opted to "fix" it myself as I've put in through a lot.

That written, for the $ I've found it to be an excellent basket, awfully comfortable and lightweight. Unless you're going the $5 rubbermaid bucket & belt route, it's hard to beat.


12-23-2000, 10:52 AM
Tom, sounds like a great basket. My only comment is that I have a small B Dun basket which is mesh and I have to agree with Tod, I have had some bad tangles because of the water level when wading deep and at times with moderate waves potions of my line can float out and it's difficult to put back in at the wading level. Plus I use my rubber one ( without holes drilled in the bottom) to carry things on loog walks, like waders which I use only occationally during the spring and fall ,but opt to walk the long ditances without them. The square bottom seems to alow for a equal distribution of line. I would suspect however that the mesh would be optimal while freshwater fishing while not wading two deep. Just an opinion.

01-03-2001, 07:29 AM

I was about to put a message on the forum on the subject of stripping baskets when I came across yours. The kind we use here in Scotland are mainly of the mesh bottom variety, much as the LL Bean. They are prone to allowing the line to tangle even on calm days and even on those days when your feet are dry.

I intend to make one of the bucket and cone variety and would welcome your and anybody else's comments on the best materials and construction methods.

Oh and by the way, Happy New Year to all the guys on the forum. Thanks to you I now have some salt water flies and leads to many sources of info on SW fly fishing in Delaware. Regretably it seems that I'll be targetting other species from the shore rather than Stripers. Bluefish had been mentioned as a worthy adversary.

May 23rd doesn't seem as far away now that the festive season's come and gone.

01-03-2001, 08:49 AM

I will not lay claim to knowing or having the best materials and construction method for a stripping basket, but I can tell what has worked for me for over ten years. A rubbermaid 7 inch deep rectangular bucket. For cones, I have used cork perch floats (these are conical shaped at both ends, cork inside, painted outside, purchased at a tackle shop). I cut the cork floats in half, fastened eight of them to the bottom of the bucket using screws thru a pre drilled hole. I added some silicone sealer to the bottom of the cork before fastening, this keeps the bucket water tight.
I prefer to have a little water in the bottom of the stripping basket for two reasons. 1. I believe it helps minimize the tangling of the line by keeping it from blowing around and 2. a little water acts as a lubricant on the line and promotes the shooting of line.

By the way, bluefish are a most worthy advisary....

Good luck,

01-03-2001, 09:39 PM
Phil, I agree with Greg, bluefish are great fighters, and can be alot of fun. LOOK OUT FOR THOSE TEETH!!! Tom D

01-04-2001, 05:55 PM
The best cones that I have found for the bottoms of stripping baskets are made by East Coast Fisherman. The kit includes five tall individual pylons that you can design in any geometrical pattern. Included are two different width snap together belts big enough for the largest of girths.

The pre-drilled pylons are attached by nylon fastening screws and nuts. The kits are rather costly at around $20.00, but the kit can be used over and over again if your basket fails.

The extra large size cones keep your line from shifting and moving inside the basket, even if there is water present. Functions better than the Orvis baskets, except that you won't have that convex fit that Orvis one is known for.

The only place I have seen them sold locally is at the fly shows, or you can call (914) 576-3733. So keep a lookout at the shows if you want to see the real deal.


01-04-2001, 09:59 PM
Just in fish are the ones WITHOUT the stripes...don't try to "lip" them or you will draw in sharks looking for some fresh hagus.

01-05-2001, 08:47 AM
Now Solo, tont be mocking the Haggis, for tis a rare and delicious wee beastie.....or so they say. They have three legs, one is fery short and the other two is fery long you see. They huv them like dis for running rount and rount de hillsides. Ferry tifficult to catch you know, ferry tifficult.

If I effer am catching one I'll be telling you wot it is tasting like. Legend has it that de plummage makes the most deadly of flies, but as nobody in the highlands has effer cot one we'll neffer know if dats true.

Perhaps yon fast Amercain runners could try. send a couple over and we'll be seeing!!!!!


01-06-2001, 12:03 AM
lmao Tom D

01-06-2001, 09:02 AM
Phil - Thanks for the great laugh... my family probably thinks I am nuts, sitting here at the computer and laughing out loud!

Look forward to meeting up with you someday.


01-06-2001, 02:23 PM
I already give too much money to strippers. Why would I want to buy them a basket?

01-14-2001, 01:20 PM
lshIfotf!!! (laughing so hard I fell on the floor), Roop... missed this post till today! Tom D