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: Goals for the show this weekend

03-10-2001, 06:35 AM
1) Check out the Ross Canyon #6 - I've been playing w/ #5 a lot but haven't seen the 4.25" version as a Spey / SWFF candidate

2) Check out the Waterworks ULA FORCE FS series Spey/Saltwater in the two largest sizes - these are the serious big brothers of the ULA

3) Since I am not working in a booth for the first time in years, cast all the rods I haven't tried yet! http://www.flyfishingforum.com/images/flytalk/Happy.gif

4) Review all of the new waders, boots (hope the tevas are on someone's shelf), etc

5) Spend money, have fun!

03-10-2001, 09:16 PM
Great seeing everyone!

Fondled the ULA FS reel (the biggest one) and confirmed that it is the hardcore reel they say it is. I am always wondering if Spey reels are going to be big enough, this one's a good match for the 15 foot 10 wt Sage all right.

Also blown away by the new Sage reels... like "I want one!" kinda surprised. Everything is done right on that reel - wide arbor, sealed drag, easy off spool without the rust-able spring clips, etc.

Ross Canyon was hard to put down, as usual. I matched it up to get an idea how it would balance with my Sage RPLXi 9wt, visualize the aesthetics, etc... NICE!

Didn't get much casting time (lousy casting area... can't wait for the casting clave) but had a great chat with the Hodgmans rep. I hope we can get onto more equipment review programs. We know a lot about gear and could provide some valuable field insights to manufacturers of all kinds of stuff. I think we are a worthwhile proving ground and source of ideas and knowledge.

For instance, stocking foot waders have neoprene feet. Let's say they are 5mm, black. Good flats boots are also neoprene, let's say 3mm. That's 8mm of neoprene on your feet in the middle of the summer, walking across the beach 3/4 mile to the channel past the bar. Cool comfortable feet (cut to not bunch up) that you could regulate with insulation like poly-pro, fleece or neoprene socks when used in freestone streams would be much more suitable. Booties made of a material other than neoprene for sandy / shallow / warmwater flats would make sense too - fully gussted to prevent sand entry, made so a good pair of gaitors seals them tight, and of course gaitors with keepers to prevent them drifting away if they come loose.

The new stretch material from Hodgman seems like a good idea. If it wears well it would make real confortable stocking foot feet.

Some might say "go bootfoot" and I'd agree for some applications but long walks on beaches isn't one of those situations with the built-in boot styles available today. The boots are very heavy and long walks on sand are difficult despite the elimination of sand entry. If they made a pair of waders with light, durable beach running shoes built-in, I'd buy them in a minute!


03-12-2001, 03:50 PM

In the summer, when I decide not to wet wade, I wear simple nylon waders (L.L. Bean backpacking waders) with some simple sandals over the feet. If I am wading in a rocky area then I carry neoprene booties with me (to protect the nylon waders) and take them off when I need to walk a long distance. I started using this system on a trip to the middle of nowhere in Alaska and I found that it was a good solution for summer wading.

Not a perfect system but it is decent.


03-12-2001, 03:51 PM

I forgot to ask this question of you Juro:

For a 9 wt RPLXi would you go with the #5 or #6 Canyon?



03-12-2001, 04:12 PM
This is just my opinion, and it's based on (a) whether the reel can handle the program - drag, capacity, etc. and (b) aesthetics. The #5 is more than enough reel for a 9wt line, and the backing and drag can stop all but the biggest stripers. The #6 I saw at the show was the old model with the little clip release for the spool (largely unavailable still) but diameter wise the #5 is the better choice of the two if you are matching them together.

My desire for the larger reel has to do with triple usage: (1) stripers (2) summer steelhead / Spey (3) Carolina albies. The #6 would not bother me on the 9wt to fish the majority of the season (stripers) but - the #5 is the better aesthetic and functional fit for the rod. As far as fishin' they will both do the job well and the #6 would win the contest when it comes to multi-purpose for my needs.

Without that consideration the #5 is the better choice for matching them up.