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Nathan Smith
12-05-2000, 07:08 AM
It is time to start planning next years' claves? Fishing season is only 150 days away!

12-05-2000, 12:15 PM

I don't know if you're kidding or not, but we did have a few discussions at the end of the season about how we could do some off-season work to be better prepaired for Claves as they come up

First of all, we pretty much know where & approximately when ALL of the Claves are
(1) Bass River, Early May (Terry am I being presumptuous, or is this now an annual teadition)
(2) Monomoy, Late May - Septmber (30X)
(3) Wackey, Late Aug. or Early Sept.
(4) Outer Cape, Mid-Late Oct.
(5) Rhodey, Late Oct or Early Nov.
(6) I think a formal N. Shore Clave should be added!

First & Foremost we should try to do a lot of research, information gathering & organization offseason. This would prevent or info-meister (Al D.) from going sleepless for a week or two before each Clave. This would include, but is not limited to: Maps, Directions, Food, Lodging, Resturants, Organization of Camp gear (Pots, Pans, Stoves, grills, tables tarps, etc.), Tides, weather, Web-cams, sign-up sheets, etc.

Like everything else on this board, these things should be done on a volunteer basis.

I am planning on doing some research when the dead of winter comes around. For example, By spring I will have memorized all of the 2001 AM Minus Tides for Chatham Light! I just have a feeling that this might be useful information.

i'm so outta here
12-05-2000, 12:27 PM
Don't forget the Cricket Clave :->

<font size="1">(night fishing for anyone who missed the comedy between Terry and I last season)</font><!--1-->

12-05-2000, 01:22 PM
Re: Bass River II, things not looking good. The house has passed to my brother and he will begin construction on it between now and then. I'm also pretty sure that next season will find me striking a better, shall we say, "balance" between my home life and shall we say, "All out obsessive, compulsive, quest to the ends of the earth for the elusive and most awesome striper with awesome group of pals!!!"
I'm basically going to cool it next year. It was a fun year 2000 though. And until my kids are nearing college age, it will help to sustain me through memories. year....Trout. (shhhh...6lb rainbows in the Millers ya know...)


12-05-2000, 01:48 PM
Greg -

You promised! What about Aero-Clave? Is that still in the air? Will it ever get off the ground?


12-05-2000, 02:17 PM
Hey Juro --

Make sure you archive this thread...especially the part where
Terry said he's "gonna cool it next year"......

it's easy to say now, but wait until things heat up next spring
and we've gone a few more months with nothing but photos & memories
(I don't count harassing holdovers) to help ease the passage of


12-05-2000, 02:34 PM
After drooling over Grego's aerials, I have to think it's time for the skydiving clave- w/ fly gear of course Imagine, flying over promising water, seeing schools of big fish, and.....................

I mean, if the tuna guys can spot 'em from the air...

12-05-2000, 03:01 PM
I had a conversation with someone about float planes this morning... Colby are you readin' this?" border="0" align="middle">

As usual, the possibilities are endless.

I agree with Terry, we should look to more sweetwater in 2001. I'd like to get to the Gaspe or Nova Scotia too. Please consider NEC 2001 in the Adirondacks with a pike clave mixed in to rendezvous with Luis and the FLYFISH@ mail list gang.

We FORUM members are hosting NEC 2002 on Cape Cod - the Salty Clave. The attendance on one of these claves can be huge. It's the Woodstock of flyfishing <img src="

GregO - what about Nate Smith's first annual CAROLINA CLAVE???? Gotta do it!


12-05-2000, 05:43 PM
RE: Bass River II

I am working on getting use for us of a small cottage VERY close to the Bass River where we can basically use the cottage as our dining hall & bath house & pitch tents in the yard.

Remember the Monomoy Clave? Post meal, lounging, sleeping, drinking fly rodders when someone asked "Doesn't the tide turn in 1/2 an hour?"
Late-comers to the camp site found food everywhere, raccoons having a buffet, money & fly tying gear left on the table.....

Ah, those were the days.


12-05-2000, 08:47 PM
Terry, are you saying you are not going to fish for stripers next year down inChathan or elsewhere on the Cape?

12-06-2000, 08:13 AM
Ok, I admit it. As soon as I reread my post I thought "ya I transparent!" Well it was a good attempt at reckoning with the level of away time I had in 2000. Keeping things in balance is high on my agenda for 2001.
John: Cape Cod? YA BABY I'LL BE THERE!!!!!!


12-06-2000, 08:30 AM
How about a Beaverkill clave? A truly historic water with lots of fish and beautiful scenery and from a purely personal point of view it is where I took some of my first casts with a fly rod.

There is a nice campground on the upper reaches of the Beaverkill that is within an easy driving distance of the Beaverkill main stem, the Willowomac, the East Branch of the Delaware, and at a stretch the West Branch of the Delaware. I have not visited it but there is also a fly fishing museum in the area.

For some idea about what it can be like see my post from August.

12-06-2000, 08:47 AM
Greg -

WHy don't you send me some pics and I will format it as a Destination Page? This will put you in the drawing for a free fly line as well.


12-06-2000, 10:02 AM
That's good to hear Terry... we all can at times can be struck with fits of temporary insanity which can take the form of literary outbursts which can shock readers who know of your dedication to fishing pursuits.(just kidding)

12-11-2000, 04:07 PM

I agree, but to be perfectly honest I have not yet fished Joppa. Many people claim that Joppa is one of the most consistently good spots around. However, I would also argue that Joppa is only the tip of the the N. Shore Iceberg!

Chowdah Bob
12-14-2000, 06:58 PM
Why wait so long???

With this cold, how about an ICE CLAVE ?????

12-14-2000, 10:13 PM
Here is an unusual idea for a clave...

A few years back I read the following post on Reel-Time:

Re: 10/13 Portsmouth NH
Unknown ()
Wed Oct 14 11:14:12 EDT 1998

Ok - you all are going to laugh or think I am totally nuts, but here goes. Dave, if you are fly fishing and just want to have some pure fun with schoolies, there is probably no better place than Little Bay the islands off Rt. 1a in New Castle, NH. Yes access is a problem, but that may be cleared up a bit for next year. There is limited parking on Rt. 1A just as you enter New Castle over the first bridge and just before the second on the right. If there is a big white sign that says Welcome to Portsmouth you are in the right spot. One of the best ways to fish this area is in a Float Tube or kick boat. You have flats, islands, rocks, and grass beds, you name it for water types. There is little boat traffic except in the main channel. The tides can be used to your advantage as you can ride them out and fish and then ride them back in again. And should you get tired, there are plenty of islands to stop and rest on. Watch out for the Tern nesting sites though. I fish this area three
or four times a week each year in my kick boat. I've landed some rather large fish here but mostly you find schoolies in the 16 to 24 inch range unless you fish at night with big flies or bait. An average day for me in 3 to 4 hours of fishing is about 15 to 20 schoolies. Clousers in Olive and White and Chartreuse and White and all White are the staples. For a real blast, fish two flies at once. If any of you Reel Timers ever want to give this a shot I have a spare float tube and fins. You will go home with a sore arm.


I tried the whole float tube adventure in New Castle with great success. The area around Portsmouth is really quite nice. I know of a campground in the area that has access to the beaches in Rye and Hampton too.

Anyway, perhaps we could venture on up to Portsmouth when the season gets slow next summer. I have a float tube, 2 comfortable rafts (one that I used while salmon fishing in AK) that are fishing machines, and access to 2 kayaks. I could use a kayak to fish from and rescue any float tubers in need of a tow. With all of these "boats" we would have an impressive fishing fleet.

Any interest? I know the question is premature.

-Mike D

12-15-2000, 03:50 AM
A Joppa Clave sounds o.k. to if I need a reason to fish Joppa!!
And the other person's idea about Newcastle/Portsmouth, N.H. ...I'm interested in kayaking there...I keep saying "next year" to the whole Great Bay area...but it never seems to happen.
Doug B.

12-15-2000, 07:03 PM
Speaking of Claves, I would like to see a RI Clave on the weekend of Sept. 22 & 23 which is the Autumn Equinox, or the weekend of Sept 29 & 30. The bass are bigger usually, and the tuniods are more plentiful. Just my two cents. I will be there if wanted at any weekend.

12-15-2000, 07:37 PM

Is this the Master telling us this would our bast shot at a Grand-Slam !!!!! ????

<b><font size="3"> &gt;--}}:&gt; </font><!--3--></b> (Striper)

<b><font size="3"> &gt;--}}:&gt; </font><!--3--></b> (Blue)

<b><font size="3"> &gt;--}}:&gt; </font><!--3--></b> (Albie)

<b><font size="3"> &gt;--}}:&gt; </font><!--3--></b> (Bonito)

(Off-Season IS the time to Fantasize !!)