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: CCA Banquet - GREAT TIME

03-17-2001, 12:16 PM
First and foremost, kudos to Doug Parker and the CCA team who put that awesome event together. It's great to see such an array of people, prizes, and good intentions in one place. The food was first class as well. I finally cleared up my Ted Williams identity crisis - it was good to meet the man who's words have been so motivating and inspirational to me. He was presented with a very appropriate award for being the 'sentinal' that he is in his active role in several publications including Fly Rod & Reel.

Good to see a lot of familiar faces and meet new ones, have a good time and I even ended up winning a very nice pair of breathable Orvis waders somehow!

Thank you CCA not just for the great night out but for working for important causes that are pivotal in protection of our coastal resources.