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: They're Everywhere...

07-01-2001, 01:42 AM
...flippin' people. I hate to sound selfish and all but this years there seems to be a much larger amount of fisherman along the riverbanks and in boats then usual.

I 'fished' the Stilly this evening after work. There were 2 cars in Upper Cicero, 5 at the Firehouse so I decided to jet up to Fortson to see if I could spot a 3-salt in there. She was empty so flew back down to Deer Creek and there was someone just starting through the hole and there were still 5 cars parked at the Firehouse. Upper Cicero was empty but by that time it was too late to make the trek into that hole.

I know that becasue there are no 2-salts returning to Fortson this year the pressure is going to be pushed all the way below Oso but I have also noticed more people then usual fishing the favored bankie holes on the Sky.

Anyone else notice this also??...or am I just freaking out. :) :)

07-02-2001, 12:54 AM
please don't let this start a flame war, but one could suggest that recent posts may have contributed to it. IMHO, the web is great for helping out with gear & technique questions, as well as developing a fellowship with other anglers, but i personally am choosy about who i'll tell where a fish might be found - i want to know that they're paying their dues and their respects, and i can't possibly know that about whoever might read a post on the world wide web. i'm grateful for all of the tips that i've been given over the years, but i like to think that perhaps i was perceived as worthy of them, and i believe that i've inherited a responsibility from them.

apologies in advance if you disagree,

07-02-2001, 12:58 AM
I understand but it just seems that from day one the rivers are being fished my many more people then normal.

Who knows...

07-02-2001, 06:55 AM
I talk about a lot of spots online. I don't talk about the real good ones. I never mention the best.

I don't see fishing spot discussion online as being harmful - no one talks about their honey holes, and people trying to learn decide where to go based on the internet instead of their own wisdom. In a way I hope more people learn by going to the well known holes each year, a few quality people join me at the real good ones, and I fish the best by myself. ;-)

There are very few holes I know where the presence of others has a major effect, especially those who aren't experienced and found the hole on the internet. I think people are kinda hung up on that. I have walked in late and slammed fish in holes that have been fished hard many times. Just like others have walked in behind me and slammed fish. People get locked into a groove and often don't realize there is great water all around the one spot that is filled, the "known" spot.

There are certain spots where two other anglers can screw you up, those are not talked about anyway.

Talking about spots online does not increase fishermen either, although I wish it did. The more people who flyfish, the more sponsors for fish there will be. I am OK with this, I hope they choke the well-talked holes but vote pro-resource come election time.

Besides the majority of war zone spots are hatchery-related. The natural hold waters are the jewels, and those fish you schnauzer in un-named riffles, runs and rock gardens are the ones you never forget. You don't find these on the internet.

IMHO - there is going to be a boom in anglers, there already has. It's been going on since "A River Runs Through It". Talking about spots on the internet prompts them to consider the places you are willing to talk about, so I agree with Bill - talk wisely, fish wiser. But in my book there is nothing wrong with more anglers, and internet flyfishing communities build a bigger society of conscientious anglers. If we had enough conscientious anglers throughout society we probably wouldn't have the trouble we have today with the fisheries.

Yes, I am rambling - but I think saying that talking up flyfishing spots on the internet is the cause of river crowding doesn't take into consideration the myriad of things that have led to it. Also if angling enthusiasm is increased throughout mankind as a result then it is well worth it.


07-02-2001, 09:48 AM
The DeerCreek Fish are in.

Don't tell anyone?


Catching cohos like crazy in the Skagit

Don't tell anyone?

Ya can't post that the fish are in, in great numbers and not expect at least ONE person to go check it out, and they tell two friends, and so on and so on.

Blatantly announced fishing reports brings people to the said lake and river no matter what.

You're ruining it for yourself. So don't complain about it.

As grandpa always said...

"Think before you speak, or in this case TYPE."

Any questions?

Here's a fishing report. Seiku was lame. Now that's a good fishing report.

07-02-2001, 10:59 AM
And never ever tell a guide!!

3 summers ago I had the wonderful opportunity to work at Steamboat in on the North Umpqua River in southern Oregon. In mid September the crowds had gone and the river was wide open. I came across a spot usually overlooked by other fishermen but found it to hold a lot of aggressive fish and seemed to get new fish every day. Thinking that i'd be safe because of the river being so open I told the guides where I had been hooking fish. I never hooked another fish in that spot and i noticed the guides in there nearly every time I drove by.
I love helping people catch fish even more than I like cathing them myself, but secret productive spots are few and far between ya gotta save something for yourself. Especially on small rivers.

07-02-2001, 12:21 PM
I chuckle to myself thinking about Saturday morning. I was fishing with a gentleman in his 70s. He has been fishing the Stilly for 50 years. Longer than I have been alive. As we worked the top of the run several anglers were in the lower run. We decided to sit for awhile and let the others stir the fish up. My friend was talking about years past. He had seen the hey day of the Deer Creek run and was talking about the different people that made a special trip to fish at Deer Creek. Legends of our sport fishing Deer Creek at the same time. Wahl, Drain, Knudson and others. He talked of two and three fish hookups at a time. He talked about how things were starting to look like they used to. The fish coming back in greater numbers and the fishermen hooking up more often. He told me how he enjoyed comparing lines, techniques, and flies with the others at the river. It was time for us to start fishing again.

After the morning sun had risen high enough to put the fish down. I headed for my truck. I was thinking that nothing has changed in fifty years. Maybe the names, the faces, and at least in my case the ability. I doubt I am anywhere near the steelheader as those mentioned above. Yet, I see them doing the same thing I did this morning.

07-02-2001, 10:19 PM
I totally understand what you mean. When I first started chasing after steelies, I did it on the Stilly because I was fascinated by the stories and the legends that occupy that river.

But Steve Raymond said it best when he mentioned how the Stilly still has its regulars but they are younger and dont seem to have the same passion for the river, the flies and the history as the old timers did. And I can agree.

...but maybe I am just being pessimistic.

BTW-I floated from Oso to Cicero today and it reminded me why I ususally just walk into my beloved spots on the lower river. It is like one continous Afternoon Hole.