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: Backside Beaches HOT

05-15-2001, 03:23 PM
Check out Nauset Angler's fresh fishing reports at ( - the back beaches are crankin' with stripers and even a few blues at the inlet. He'll be keeping those reports current all season and it's your best bet for the ocean beaches.

This bodes well for our clave as well, we have 5 Nauset oversand stickers between the clave goers and with Randy Jone's observations on the outside beach at SB there should be fish in Chatham Inlet, Pleasant Bay as well on the inside.

As we lay out our attack plan options those who are interested in trying the back beaches can gang up with those who have oversand access.

Others include Brewster Flats, Rip Ryder to SB and Monomoy, southside river mouths, just to name a few. Roop is putting together the master plan, look for the details over the next couple of days.

05-15-2001, 04:32 PM
Haven't really flyfished the surf yet, so I'm looking forward to South Beach, Nauset, etc. this weekend. Question: Whats the preferred line for the surf? I have Int's and a 325 QD. I've been thinking about picking up a full sink, fast or extra fast (per Cortland nomanclature). Any suggestions?

Fred A.

05-15-2001, 07:02 PM
Fred -

I'd say you're all set - even though the full sink is nice because it let's you cast a more natural line form but with the acceleration from smaller diameter / high grains. This means aerializing more line which lets you work the slack line into the cast instead of shooting so much. It slices into the waves a little deeper than an int running line which can be good or bad depending on whether there is a strong crosscurrent or just big waves. They are usually dark colored which might be a concern to you or not.

IMHO the difference between the sinkhead (QD, deepsea, depth charge, teeny, etc) and the fullsink in terms of fishing don't justify a third spool for me, so it's one or the other based on casting preference. When my QD cracked to pieces I used the full sink for a while and loved it.

Last point - the short compact heads are better for boats and high tight banks if you ask me. Less time flinging flies over your buddies head or dragging the point off the hook in the sand :)