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11-22-2000, 08:55 AM
Tentatively, clear weather permitting, I'm going up on Friday morning with digital camera in hand! Hoping to start at PI & work South along coast.

11-22-2000, 08:58 AM
You're da MAN! I can hardly wait to see them. Joppa from the sky... the backside Parkers, etc. Psyched!

Bob Pink
11-23-2000, 04:50 PM
You a pilot too? Need someone to ride shotgun and split fuel costs?

11-24-2000, 07:39 AM
I'm going with my wife's Uncle; I'm heading out the door now! I Have Digital & APS Cameras, hope it goes well, report soon!

11-24-2000, 03:54 PM
Home Waters!" border="0">


<img src="


This is just a Teaser, Canal, Scortons, Rock H., Pamet, Race, Ballston, Kettle Holes, Nauset, Big-Girl, Bass R. Yeah Baby!!!!!

11-24-2000, 04:27 PM
Kettle Holes & Ocean Side Beach.

11-25-2000, 06:49 AM
Cotuit (with wing truss)

i'm so outta here
11-25-2000, 08:40 AM
Greg -- <b>awesome</b> shots! Please tell me Tony's plane has heat... ;)

11-25-2000, 10:02 AM
Greg, those are great shots. I will be posting a book title and table of contents on Cape geology from the ice age to present with references to particular shore line beginnings. It should be good to compare and give some different insights when you go up again. Also, any shots of Chatham or Monomoy? If so I sure would like to get a copy of any prints you might have.Thanks

11-25-2000, 02:05 PM
<font size="4">WOW!</font><!--4-->

GregO, you've outdone yourself! Looks like you chose an ideal day for the activity too. Simply AMAZING!

If you don't mind I'd love to create an "anthology of aerials" so they don't get buried in the board posts.

Awesome sleuthing &lt;heavy applause&gt;

11-25-2000, 03:07 PM
South Tip (I think you can even see the Rip!)

Al, Yes, we had heat.

JohnM, More Chatham Shots coming, mostly on APS Panorama, need BEST Scanner Technology!

Juro, You are welcome to original (Max Size) Digitals.


11-25-2000, 07:23 PM
TonyV. De-Icing, The Old Fashioned Way!" border="0">

Pamet River Truro.

<img src="

11-25-2000, 10:08 PM

You'd da bomb! Must have been awesome!

One questions greg. In little Buttermilk Bay (bottom left corner) at the Narrows, How did you get a waterfall into the photo? Funny how the image was captured. Does any one know the reason how it could get distorted from a flat plane to looking like there is a drop there?

11-26-2000, 08:42 AM
Ray I think it was just the angle of the sun. Check out the Canal RR Bridge (Middle Left); it look like White-Water too.

11-26-2000, 09:01 AM
Sagamore!" border="0">

Sandwich Basin

<img src="

11-26-2000, 10:41 AM
Here's Some for the South Side Fans!

Allen's Harbor" border="0">

Herring River

<img src="" border="0">

Bass River

<img src="

11-26-2000, 10:53 AM
And now for our Bay Side Fans...

Old Harbor Creek (Sandwich, looks fishey!)" border="0">


<img src="" border="0">

Rock Harbor

<img src="

11-26-2000, 10:55 AM
Name that Tune? (Clicking on Image to get Filename would be Cheating!)

11-29-2000, 04:47 PM
Last Friday there was a very low tide in the canal that exposed structure that I hadn't seen before, and would not have guessed was there. I don't fish the canal, but that glimpse impressed me.

The previously posted photos are great! I wonder if it would be worthwhile to try to find the best tide and lighting combination sometime during the winter to do it again. Obviously this won't work for areas in which the structure is sand that moves during winter storms, but the structure I saw in the canal was largely rock. When I fish a couple spots on the cape I do so with a vision of a fish holding in front of a rock, because I know the rock is there from having checked the spot at low tide. I don't know if you can do this effectively from the air or not.

12-04-2000, 02:56 PM

Your point about tide is well taken. However, I found out the hard way that there is a myriad of factors involved with hand-held areal photography. First, you must have a clear (High-pressure) day with no haze or low cloud cover. Next, we did a large part of The Cape, which has a lot of tidal variation, so low tide in one area was high tide in others. Small aircraft are a lot bumpier than Commercial Jets; between 1,500 & 2,000 feet we had CAT (Clear Air Turbulence), I was getting queasy & thought I was going to puke! The angle & elevation of the sun was a surprisingly large factor in how well the shot came out. Sun behind the shot was best in general; sun perpendicular to the shot gave glare. Also, if the elevation angle was just wrong we got a lot of glare (i.e., Snell's Law). We found out a few things as we went along. For Obliques, it helped if Tony would turn (bank) away from the shot to get the wing up. But for down looking shots, it helped if he turned toward the shot. All of the Chatham & Monomoy shots were taken from Inshore looking Offshore, because Offshore shots would have required Tony to "Go Out to Sea" 10+ miles & he was not comfortable with that (neither was I, remember JFK Jr.?). My digital camera only has a 2X zoom & my APS has a 40mm telephoto. I should have taken my wife's 35mm SLR, which has a 70mm telephoto lens. It was a learning experience; I think I could have done a better job & probably will in the spring!

steve moore
12-04-2000, 03:31 PM
grego: If you do decide to take your wife's 35mm SLR, invest the $15 or so and get a high quality polarizing filter. I think you'll be amazed at the difference you get. You should be able to knock down much of the glare, and you should be able to see a lot more underwater structure. The film you use makes a big difference too. I'd suggest trying Fuji Provia slide film for best color and resolution.

Nice shots, BTW!

12-04-2000, 04:46 PM

You're absolutely correct & the lens on my wife's camera DOES have a polarized filter, D'OH! Also, I concur that Fuji 35mm film does have great color & contrast (have some great Caribean stuff), but I've never used slide film at all. I've also heard that you have to buy a special adapter for your scannner to scan in slides!

A couple more factors came to mind on my drive home. Tony's Plane (see Photo) has a high-wing configuration; this is a definate plus over a low-wing aircraft where a down-looking shot would require a steep bank turn (puke-o-ramma)! Also, trying to cover the entire Cape was probably a mistake. I should have picked a few key spots & tried multiple shots from a lot of different angles. But that would have been more like work & less like sight seeing!

Certainly, hind sight is 20/20. I would pay more attention to tide, time of day, angle & elevation of the sun with respect to the aircraft trajectory, and so on. However, I think you can only control so many factors & you're either going to get the shot or not. I will say this, I have even more awe for some of those pictures that you can buy from "SkyPic"

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I really had a good time. Tony was very enthusiastic about the whole aerial photography thing & he was very patient & cooperative about trying different things to get some great shots. All in all I'm surprised that about 80% of the shots came out at least "good" for our first effort. Maybe in the spring I'll get him to take me up again & we'll have more experience & I'll try to get my hands on some better equipment.

12-05-2000, 10:58 AM

Would it be worthwhile to put those shots and some others on a CD? I am sure that some of us would be delighted to make a donation towards the board and these flying adventures! This is great stuff. Certainly $15 to $20 for a CD seems reasonable to me. Some of the photos would find a home on the wall for the winter or longer, others may be worth studying. Worthwhile?

12-05-2000, 11:52 AM
When I get all of this stuff scanned in & organized, we could certainly find someone with a CD writer. We could then burn copies upon request & put a little profit in to support the board. This would be fine with me.

12-05-2000, 04:41 PM
Thanks GregO! Thats generous of you. We could also consider doing inlays of fishing in these spots and making a killer calendar for Northeast regional members. I can definitely handle the image work. Text snippets from the members would be a nice touch too.

With todays imaging technology it's very affordable and I would love to hang one in my office!

12-06-2000, 02:21 PM

All of the photos I have cleaned up are on the board & on my personnnel web page.

<a href="" target="_blank"><!--auto--></a><!--auto-->

By cleaned up I mean that I cropped out crap (wing), did contrast, gamma & brightness adjustments. Then I downsized the images to be web friendly. For downsizing I used Al's rule of thumb that the largest dimension (usually width) should not be greater than 640 pixels. This means that web picture are roughly downsized 2X in both dimensions, so about 1/4 resolution.

I could get you the original images as they cam off the camera. These would have better resolution, but they would not be cleaned up at all. I could start emailing these to you in chunks, OR I could put them on a Zip disk.

Also, I have not started scanning the APS stuff yet!