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: And........there off!

04-07-2001, 06:12 PM
Had an outdoor casting clinic with Rhody Fly Rodders today. Tried a few sprey rods (Loomis blanks) with Bogdan reels. Never casted two hands before. Dave Fix and Art Burton were polishing their skills and helping out with a good turnout of inquisitive anglers. All ages.

Big news - The tide was perfect afterwards to try the upper reaches near the Providence River. Fished two hours, one hour before and after low tide. Fifth cast busted a 5 lb bass around 24 inches. Boy was I surprise. What a way to open the season. Caught 13 in all. Most around 2-21/2 lbs. All caught on an olive ultra hair Clouser's. Fish feeding on small Mummiechogs living close to the bottom near seaweed cover. Used a Wulff intermediate with 3 foot sink tip.

Stripers starting to spread out from the hurricane barrier, searching for other food sources. Water temp. 45 degrees.