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: Plymouth

05-28-2000, 10:10 AM
Finally the wind has died down enough to give it a whirl.
Managed a few schoolies Sat & Sun AM in Warren's cove. These fish were small but fiesty (really small). Took a chartruse & white clouser with a fast revtrieve. The harbor is full of silversides now.

05-28-2000, 10:23 AM
Were you in a boat or fishing from the beach by the river? I went over by Kingston this morning and it was beautiful... until the wind blew up. It went from almost calm to >15 in no time. I bagged it and came in before there were a hundred boats stacked up at the ramp. We did real well yesterday with several fish over 25".
Big Pete

05-28-2000, 08:48 PM
I am a shore bound angler. Fished at Bert's on the jettys for about an hour 5-6am. saw alot of bait and bird at the ramp around 4:45 but there didn't seem to be anything hitting what I was throwing. It was a great morning as far as weather and wind go. I saw your pictures from yesterday looks like a good time, did you get those on the fly?

05-29-2000, 04:04 PM
We caught them on jigs and the big one, George caught on a chunk of mackerel. You should try the inside of the beach in early A.M.