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: Monomoy 6-30

Bob Pink
07-01-2000, 01:42 PM
First thanks agian to JohnM for putting together the shuttle arrangments for the Monomoy trip this Friday. All were present and accounted for at the 06:00 departure time and our only uncertainties were where to start first. Roop, ever the confident individualist headed for S.Monomoy (or was it S.Beach?) and we've heard did well on the incoming tide. The balance of the crew hit N.Monomoy.
A large contingent crossed the island to check the flats to the west. The expanse of dry flats was incredible due to the new moon tide. We treked for at least 40 minute before hitting water's edge. Nate decided on a point that appeared to be closer to Bass River than our departure point and was last seen doing Nav Aide imitations for the Coast Guard. Actualy his strategy was also rewarded with early fish. The rest of us flailed away along the edges of the flats and water-holding guzzles.
I broke off from the group to explore other locations and found a nice trench between N & S Monomoy that had a 2' flat dumping into it. Had one small fish take a sand eel pattern and had a decent fish follow my next cast almost to my feet. (That concludes my fish-sighting portion of the report).
Rejoined the group as the incoming tide was pushing all off the outer flats.
Turns out that the real action of the trip had taken place at the N.side of the Island with Juro and TomD? (I wish I was beter with names). They had hit an edge early on the incoming that was loaded with nice fish. The old "we had 'em on every cast" type stuff. We started to linger about 100yds away from the sweet spot from that morning and Juro did sight a pair of cows hanging in about 3' at the edge of the flat. The water stayed too deep to get a good chance at the sweet spot and by 1:30-2:00 we decided to head back closer to the pick-up point. (All of us that is except for TomD who though he could wait out the drop and still make the pickup in time.)
We fished aound to the east, Juro doing his best to aggrivate the snapper blues holding on the north side and with at least one more fish being taken in the channel. Just before pickup time TomD shows up with a nice 34" for dinner that hit just as he made it back to that trench.
All in all a fun time with a lot of guys fishing hard. I'd like to think that it was a little atypical for Monomoy because of the big tides but I learned a lot more about a very special spot.
Thanks guys.

07-01-2000, 04:12 PM
Yeah, it was nice to hook a solid fish on the first cast even if it doesn't come all the way to shore. It only took a couple casts for Bill Stanton to hook a nice 24" and then the fireworks began. By 7:30 we had a dozen or so fish with a few nudging the 30" mark keeping the rods bent to the butt and drags screaming. As we started to probe around we got a few more of "last year's keepers" as the fish started to roam about. As I recall only two or three of the fish we landed were under 20" and most were over 25"... with Bill's 34" topping off his Pope-like day.

We got about 1/2 hour of pure sight fishing in before weeds, wind, and thick clouds converged on the place all at once. During this time Bill picked up one fish and I had a cow kissing my felt crab to within 10 feet of the end of my rod. I'd move it a few inches, the fish would come. I'd move it more, it would move more. I finally gave it an agressive strip knowing the chase had come to the point where I was visible to the fish through the underside surface glare and he shot off like a rocket. That would have made my whole day even without any other action.

Eventually we all had a mid-flat conference and worked an edge that was too flooded to fish effectively. As the tide began to drop, the waiting got painful and the group decided to fish elsewhere. Bill wisely decided to hang out and if nothing else learn something about the tide flow on this flat. I had a feeling I should stay, but went on to greener pastures with little time left until Keith would be looking to pick us up (Rip Ryder).

Not long afterward, Bill's exploration of the flat produces a 34" beast to fight solo on the flat we all deserted. Bill's intuition was razor sharp. It must have been a great ending to a great day - which came at the end of a great family vacation on Cape Cod. Bill, having fished with you over the years, I know how hard you work and how deeply you appreciate time on the water so it was that much better to see you have the "hot hand".

Special thanks to John for the shuttle arrangements and glad you got a good fish. It was great to spend some quality time on the water with some great people in a truly amazing resource we have for the pursuit of our sport here in the northeast... Monomoy.

Although the flats fishing is not as good on the drop, I planned the last clave to be a dropping tide. We had a close call and it wouldn't hurt to repeat something I've been bantering over for years on the internet - the fish the flood with extreme caution, or fish the ebb.

It was a great time! See you on the next clave!

07-02-2000, 09:29 AM
Thanks to John for organizing the early boat.

It's a hard call to head off to South Beach by yourself when everyone else is heading over to North Monomoy but, I'm glad I did.

My plan was to work some areas that I've never had the time or opportunity to fish, try out a new fly pattern I'm working on & check out a rod I was asked to test out. I'm glad I did.

As I worked away from the drop off, I noticed the flash of fish about 30 yards off shore. I was able to wade out and was into fish immediately. After 3 on & 2 landed, the fish disappeared as I heard a nasty rip forming off to my left. I turned and watched, thinking I was watching the heavy dump of weater on the flood tide when I realized the rip was actually a huge pod of seals ripping into a school of stripers. Water was churning and fish were getting slammed like the videos you see of an orca playing with seals. Poetic justice I guess.

After 4 more pods of seals came through, I decided to head over to the outside hoping all the fish killers were inside.
Wrong. There's nothing like being the first one out there, being alone & being stalked by massive seals.

After a lengthy walk I headed back over to the flats, watched a wader head off as I approached a huge flat. A rip formed, I saw the flashes of fish and landed 3 more. Met up with the wader (Dave?) later. A great guy, very experienced, and traded some flies & stories before we went our own ways

Nothing more to speak of other than nearly stepping on a few cows and missing a few more short strikes.

I'm sorry I missed fishing with the group but sometimes you just need to do that "soul" fishing. This was my most productive day on Monomoy.


Bob Pink
07-02-2000, 07:13 PM
Bill, my humblest apologies for screwing up your name. Obviously a good fisherman deserves getting his name
right. Wish I had a taste for those cigars, they smelled like a fine choice....

07-02-2000, 08:18 PM
Per those cigars... I was a fortunate benefactor of one. Smooth as silk; a proper tribute to such a fine place and day on the water. Thanks Bill!

07-03-2000, 09:02 AM
Great day at Monomoy Friday.

John M - thanks for organizing the trip. Thanks to you, we had the entire island to ourselves for some time.

Bob P - don't worry about the name thing. It takes a lot to rile me up (ask Juro) and a misspelled name doesn't even come close.

All - I enjoyed meeting a great bunch of guys. It was a super ending to my vacation. Hope to see you all again soon.

Juro - Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have a few good pictures, all scanned. Not sure how to post them. I'll email them to you and you can decide if any are worth posting.

Bill S

07-03-2000, 10:54 AM

Thanks for all of the thanks ! I had a great time. I always love going to Monomoy because I learn something new evertime. I also love a challenge and that place always sends one at you. A couple thoughts:

* What has gotten into those seagulls ? I was bombarded several times walking on the beach and the water and had to fend off a few with the rod. The T and T Vector is a little too soft for this by the way ! Wish I had my Horizon with me ! I would suspect they where just trying to protect the little ones that seemed to be everywhere.......

* With age comes a realization that we are not invincable......I remember wading rivers either out west or the Delaware whereas my armpits would be getting wet and I would be bouncing from one rock to another to get to those rising 24 inch rainbows or staying extra long on the flood to get that really big pod of fish.....I do not do this anymore......what changed me ?? I few years back, trying to get at some stripers along the rocky coast of Maine. I traversed into some wet cliffs that I had no business being in. I slipped and fell and proceded to get pounded by waves. I was able to pull my self up and out luckly getting by with a few pretty good cuts, bruises and banged up equipment. I finally recognized that you have to make it home to be able to tell anyone you caught fish ! Let's use Nathan's situation as a reminder of what is important !

* I would be curious as to see if the amount of seals around is a factor in why there may not be as many fish. Or at least this is my perception in terms of numbers of fish ??

* I will be making a few more trips to either Monomoy or South Beach this summer and will post the dates and times to see who may be interested in joining me.

* I would be very interested to hear the thoughts of some of the newer folks who went on this trip. What where your thoughts ? Any suggestions for other locales to try ??

Well, that is it for now......hope everyone has a safe 4th of July !!


07-03-2000, 01:30 PM
geez Bob, I wish it had been me hooking into those fish, unfortunately i was one of the flailers... oh, well , next time Tom D

07-03-2000, 07:28 PM
oh yeah, I forgot to say THANKS! to john for setting this up, and to say it is a great group of guys that seem to be on this board. I got skunked and still had a great day. Tom D

07-07-2000, 06:59 AM
A belated thanks to John for setting this trip up. Though the fishing was tough an expanded knowlege of the west side flats (lay of the land) was worth the effort. The expanse of the place is incredible. Walking against flow of the draining flats is great exercise. It was great meeting all involved and the cigar was great on the ride home - thanks Bill.

Lessons Learned:
If flats/sight fishing is the objective long range planning, obviously, is a gamble. Impromto trips, with the plan beginning with an eye on the five day forecast, makes sense.

Thanks and Regards
Fred A.