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: August???

06-28-2001, 02:54 AM
I will be returning to the states sometime in August, and will be ready to try and find some fish. Any ideas about where to go( I can't afford to go to the Dean)? the Deschutes is the obvious choice, but there are a lot of rivers that I am not familiar with. Any suggestions would be appreciated--Brad

06-28-2001, 09:50 AM

The Deschutes is expecting a strong return with large numbers of fish showing already. Other options might include the Snake, Clearwater and Grande Ronde over on the Washington/Idaho line. August is a bit early for these rivers but this year they might fish pretty well. The last few days have seen over 100 fish a day coming over Lower Granite Dam. The ten year average for this date is 10-15 a day. By September that number will be in the 1000s per day. The advantage to those rivers in August/September is that they will be nowhere near as crowded as the Deschutes.


06-28-2001, 11:24 AM
August is a great month for the lower Columbia tribs as well. The Kalama will be loaded in the fly water based on this year's reports of fish being present in good numbers in June, although you might confirm that beyond anecdotal info. The East Fk Lewis is one of my favorites, fish up high near Heissen in August I would say. The Cowlitz, although far from being a native fishery, is a good source of big Columbia summer run action.

Peninsula streams will have lots of fish by then too - the Hoh up in the park, the Sol Duc all over, Bogey / Calawah, even the mistreated Elwha will have it's share of summer fish in it.

Dawn patrol on the upper Sky would be on my list. I like the Snoqualmie and upper Green above the gorge but they're not as easy to figure out during vacation visits IMHO.

Stilly... we'll we've discussed that. Good luck!

06-28-2001, 11:03 PM
Some of the rivers I was thinking about are the Columbia tributaries like the Wind, Klickitat, White Salmon, which, statistically, does real well for summer runs. Do any of you fish these rivers on a regular basis? I have never spent any time in that area, and none of my friends fish down there either.
As for the Grande Ronde being crowded, I hear people saying that, but when I am over there, that never seems to be a problem. Last year I spent 2 different weeks over there, both in the stretch around Boggans, and was surprised with how few people there were. I actually think that nowadays, the Skagit is more crowded on most January weekends. My time on the Ronde was during the week, maybe that makes a difference

06-29-2001, 04:02 PM
I fish thoes rivers regularly

Wind: closed to steelhead angling
White salmon has a dam very low in the system there is only 200 yards of fly water on the entire system. However a very few anglers have sucess still water fly fishing at the mouth of the Little white salmon(called drano lake) boat needed!

The Klick is a decent fishery has some native steelies but sometimes it may take several days to hook 1 fish. It is also prone to glacial run off in August...

If you want a high percentage fishery the Deschutes is it.