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: RIP TRIP II - Signups Only

08-01-2000, 08:16 PM
<i>Too much of a good thing?</i>

<b>South Monomoy Point Excursion II</b>

It's now time to commit to your interest in the SECOND South Monomoy Trip.

NEW Proposed Date August 26th, Weather alternate August 27th. (You must be able to commit for both days)

We will need to be at the refuge lot by 6:30, the boat will leave at 7:00 am sharp - no time to wait for preparation on this trip. Return will be approximately 4:30 pm, after the last 4pm run from the local spots is complete. Expect to be back at the parking lot at 5:00 - 5:30 pm.

The initial deposit will be $30, for a minimum enrollment of ten people. The charter costs $300 so the $30 will become your share of the fee given ten people. If we get two more, everyone will be refunded the difference ($5).


1) Once you commit, the first ten people will be expected to provide their ($30) share of the cost... even if you can't make it. Of course every effort will be made to accomodate everyone in the most fair and equitable manner but those who commit should not expect to pay more than $30 per head even if people back out.

2) Bringing coolers and stuff will be a good idea, no one to hassle us out there. See earlier Monomoy Clave posts for great info on what to bring.

3) Safety via 2way devices and cell phones recommended, there will be lots of boats within an arms wave away in case of emergency (although no one else on shore)

<font color="ff0000">Reply to this thread only if you are committing to pay $30 to participate in this excursion.</font><!--color-->

If we are unable to get ten people we can either increase the per person share or discuss another date on the other existing thread. We are already tentatively at quorum. Thank you for not replying to this unless you are ready to provide the $30 deposit.

08-01-2000, 09:34 PM
I am a definite and my friend Chris (who fished with me last time in Monomoy and Chatham is a maybe.

08-01-2000, 11:08 PM

Sign me up for one seat.

Charles Whitehurst

08-02-2000, 08:40 AM
Bigcats in for the 26-27th.

08-02-2000, 09:02 AM
I've missed 2 trips now, and feel it's time to enjoy in the festivities!!!!!! If Juro and Roop are any representation of the rest of you guys, we should have a blast! (I do realize that for some this may be an open ended statement, nothing personal Juro and Roop!!!)
Look forward to it!!!!!!!

08-02-2000, 11:49 AM

Would like to join in on the Monomoy trip on the 26th. I'm ready to committ. Let me know when you need the dough. E-mail me at

Tight lines and screaming reels to all......


08-02-2000, 11:59 AM
I'm in.

Fred A.

Jay C.
08-02-2000, 05:05 PM
Diane and I can make it, count us in.

Jay C.

08-02-2000, 05:58 PM
I'm in.


Bill S

08-02-2000, 08:14 PM
I'm in. Man this filled up fast. I am 99% sure Mike will want in as well but he's not around today to sign up.

08-02-2000, 08:23 PM

I'm in along with Dave P. too!


08-02-2000, 08:57 PM
I would love to go if there is space. Please let me know by e-mail. I will be away for two weeks starting Sat pm and not be able to get any e-mail so if you can reach me before then please do. Just say yes and tell me where to send money .
Thanks Larry

08-02-2000, 09:13 PM

26 or 27


What's the count?


08-02-2000, 10:03 PM
<center><font color="ff0000"><b>STOP THE MUSIC</b></font><!--color--></center>

Roop... it looks like we're out for snoozing... but wait,


(1) keep the sign ups going and see if we can fill the other boat
(2) negotiate a lower rate for two separate runs, one starting earlier (later won't cut it because he needs to start the normal day on time)
(3) cut off the excursion at 12 to control number of people
(4) overflow goes on the 8-12 shuttle

I prefer option (2) because it gets some of us out there earlier (more for the money) and could lower the price. I am not concerned about (3) because if the fish do what they did, there will be enough action for all. Definitely not more than two groups though.

Option (4) - there are three so far on the overflow count. That would close out the 8-12 trip as well.

<center>(Confirmation from Rip Ryder still pending on 2 boats strategy)

<font color="009955"><b>RESUME... UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE</b></font><!--color--></center>

08-03-2000, 09:07 AM
I sorry for having to withdraw my option to go on this trip, but my daughter just informed me that I have to pick her up at the airport on the 27th and my wife told me that I have to attend a wedding on the 26th. I just as soon stuff it and go with you guys. Thanks for doing all of the leg work maybe I can make it next time.

08-03-2000, 12:37 PM
<font size="1">Dave Pearson and a nice rip-striper (photo Charles Whitehurst)</font><!--1--></center>


1) Nick
2) Charles W
3) Bigcat
4) Brian Z
5) Carmelo
6) Fred A
7) Jay C
8) Diane C
9) Bill S
10) Gregg
11) Craig
12) Dave Pearson

Cost / person = $25, meet at causeway at 6:30 sharp on August 12th. If you need directions, please ask. Refer to Monomoy posts for more detailed information, or use the search function (magnifying glass).

Roop - I am working on overflow plans for you, Mike Estey and I to join the crew.

Larry - thanks for the update!

Jay C.
08-03-2000, 01:27 PM

Above you mentioned the 12th of August, I hope you mean the 26th/27th. Just clarify in case I've jumped threads....



08-03-2000, 02:58 PM

Thanks Jay, I'm the one skipping threads!


08-06-2000, 10:20 AM

I am in for the trip on the 26th/27th. My father is also in for it.

I am a bit confused about the number of slots left on the trip. Could you tell me if there are indeed 2 slots remaining? You can reach me at

Do we drop our $30 in the bucket when we arrive at the ferry?

Thanks so much.

Mike Doogue

08-07-2000, 08:35 AM
I see that there is quite an overflow for this date. As I do have the opportunity to go on the 12th as well as alternate plans available for the 26th, I will give up my spot in the boat. If this is a problem, I will most definitely go to both, but since I am going on the 12th as well, I figure someone else can have my spot.