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10-23-2000, 06:43 PM
OK, now that I've gotten a decent nights sleep & caught up on some work, I can finally sit down & post.

First of all, what a great Clave! Al thanks for doing a great organization, Again! Ray, what can I say. I had a great time on your boat & soaked up as much local knowledge as I could. Your boat is absolutely the finest fly fishing platform that I've ever fished from, she a real cream puff! Art it was a pleasure to meet a true fly-fishing Icon & real gentleman, you inspire us all.

Next, clave details. Got down Fri. around 3:00 PM & hooked up with JimW, Chuck & Dana. After a quick tying session & a Mickey D's run week hit some local spots. First Quonney, then I went off on my own & checked out Charlestown & then off to Weekapaug. By this time it was dark & incredibly windy (30 MPH SW). I switched to Spin gear on the Jetty & couldn’t even cast a swimmer. I Called it a night, skunk-o-rama.

Sat. 0600, out on the Cast-A-fly with Ray & BigCat. Shad right off the ramp & more shad at the mouth. Wind was howling, but we decided to go outside anyway 5-6' rollers off the outer wall, YE'HAH! We tried working the shoreline in close, NADA. We went around the Point to get some wind protection, much better conditions, but still no fish. Headed back inside, more big rollers, YE'HAH. Spotted something slashing near the outer wall, Bonito maybe? Never found out, could not quite get to them. Hit Salt Pond then called it a morning. What a whirlwind tour (Pun intended)!

Went pack to camp; met up with the Esteys, BrianZ, Quentin, Terry & Sulley. Wife made it down with no problems. We all went to NapaTree, not much going on. After casting for a while, Gregg walked up to me and said “you see that” pointing to hundreds of birds in close, off the point of the spit. Gregg, Brian, Lauran & I decided to make the march. When we finally got there were tons of gulls diving on juvie pogies in the surf that were being chased by stripers ranging in size from twinkies to mid-twenties. Me, Gregg & Brian were hooked up in seconds & Lauran had the camera ready. The fish were in so close that you could see the take; stripers surfing! The next few hours consisted of mini-blitzes that would pop up in close, last for a minute or two then vanish only to reappear several minutes later, hundreds of yards away. So, we were all doing a lot of waiting, watching & running. Lauran has a lot more NapaTree photos that’ll be posted at a later date.

Headed back to camp for the Saturday feast; way too much food, but that’s OK. Grilled Bonito was the exotic treat. It seems that Ray’s afternoon trip with Jim, Chuck & Dana found out what those slashing speedsters were alright!

Hit the rack at 2230 & up at 0300. Hit Weekapaug, dead, off to Napatree. Quick cell phone call to Al told me that nobody was into fish & they were all converging on my location. Well, to make a long story short, the blitzes did show up again at Napatree. However, this time, most of them occurred 100+ yards offshore. Jim, Al & Gregg (that I know of) managed some stragglers, but it never really happened. Broke camp, had some great breakfast, thanks to Brian, some final conversations & homeward bound.