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: PI 8/5 PM

08-07-2000, 10:42 AM
Report is a bit late but...

Al_D & I fish PI Sat. 9-12 PM. We also took my wife's cousin who is up from Tallahassee FLA. He is 14 years old & does some Gulf fishing for snook & Span. Mak. He was very enthusiasic about trying for this first Striper. So, we stuck this size 11-1/2 feet into me old size 9 waders & we were off. Al FF'ed & Thomas & I stuck to spin gear. Well to make a long story short, Thomas hooked up on a swimmer in the bowl just before the bottom of the tide. He landed and released a nice 20" linesider after a quick smooch! Shortly after Al hooked & landed a nice 18" on a newly invented black deciever he had tied. After the tide turned things pretty much died out, so we made the march to the front beach for the incoming only to find tons of weeds & very dirty water. So, we left.

Some quick side notes (1) For the second year in a row Al & I have inadvertantly fished PI on the night of the Newbury Fireworks, traffic & parking nightmare! (2) My check battery light came on so AGAIN my truck is in the shop! (3) Al may have left a fly box & a sweatshirt in the Parking lot, D'OH!

i'm so outta here
08-07-2000, 11:07 AM
Found the sweatshirt. No fly box to date. Luckily, I still have a white version of the new deceiver pattern Greg mentioned, but I lost most of my deep sand eels; it looks like I'll be busy at the vise this week in prepartion for the south tip trip.

08-07-2000, 11:38 AM
Hey Al, don't feel bad. At least you didn't leave your sons fishing rod there like me, (see my post about Lost Rod). I'll send one of my black flyboxes over to GregO to replace it for ya.