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: North Shore Sortie' in Order?

10-09-2000, 04:39 PM
John Middleton informs us that the north shore has been thick with bunker and bass. I've gotten several more reports to support that since then...

Anyone up for 1/2 day blast up there this week?

10-09-2000, 04:55 PM
I can be out the door in 15 minutes! But seriously, no wait I am serious!

Name a time & a place & I'm in. Fishing without driving 130 miles each way would be a welcomed change !!

10-09-2000, 05:28 PM
Reports are good in the Cape Ann area, from Salem / Danvers up to Rockport and Gloucester. I am not the best informed on ramps in the area... anyone have good info?

John M - can you fill us in per launch info?

10-09-2000, 05:43 PM
You beta.......

On Saturday, Tom Hoff and I fished the Danvers River area from Beverly Port Marina. There is a public launch down the road a little bit. Very small, but I have seen everything from canoes to kayaks and more here......At around 7:00am, birds and bait where spraying everywhere........I litterally saw a blitz that started in the range of 10 football fields long and 5 football fields wide. The fish broke up into 4 or 5 schools and just hammered bait for 3 1/2 hours. I was holding off on the report because I got pics of the blitzes/birds/fish I was hoping to get on the site. They will not be ready until Wednesday. Many of the schools where fish in the 20 to 27 inch range. Underneath where the big boys, though. QD's and BIG flies brought the big boys (appx. 30 to 35) to the boat. Every single fish though was gorged on bait and very heavy.........The birds gave very reliable signs of where it was about to happen as they hung out by the bait until the bass found it. There was about 7 other boats working the different schools, and yes, there was one yahoo with a spinning rod who felt compelled to zoom from one school to the other. The coves lining the left side of the river out to the ocean had many fish crashing bait consistantly. This was in addition to the massive blitzes going on farther out. For those with canoes and kayaks, I would recommend that you would want to stay around the coves. Safer, easier fishing and still plenty of fish. On many of the beaches in these coves, we saw bait/birds and fish right on the beach. Unfortunately, shore access in this area is all but non-existent as the topography does not lend itself to access thru high water marks....The local folks WILL call the police as they threatned to do to us while in the boat fishing off one of the beaches !!
The activity all but dies after 10am or at least, we have been pulling out at that time and we rarely see much going on starting at 9:45am. Let me know if you have any other questions.......

Good luck !

10-09-2000, 08:53 PM
What?? A man goes inland to the Mts. for a weekend and the "show" that was supposedly over is back? Where did these fish come from? Maine? Sully, you reading this? Oh ya you did mention that you saw a blitz off of Swampscot.
I've been thinking about Nahant lately too. These fish have to round the Point of Nahant to get south. I can't beleive the masters of Chatham are talking No. Shore again. We'll have to put something together.

Terry (dazed and confused)

10-10-2000, 06:06 AM
Oh that I put the kayak away for the season....removed the rack from my truck.....I'm getting an inferiority complex.

My wife finds it hard to believe that there are people who fish MORE than I do!

Doug B.

10-10-2000, 07:42 AM
I work in this means I am most likely in. I am going to check out Danvers river tonight after work (from shore of course), but I'll let you know how it goes. I fished it last week and saw most of the action towards the middle of the river, but managed a nice schoolie from shore anyway.

10-10-2000, 08:08 AM
Terry - Maybe now is the time to pull the Nahant card. I have another friend who is a Nahant regular, I'll see if he's finding fish.

Nick - we await your report with baited breath

Warm up coming the latter half of the week BTW

(Go Mariners!)

10-10-2000, 09:48 AM

Just got an update from Tom Hoff.......he did fish the other day and the big blitzes where not around in the Danvers River area.....there was some smaller pods of working fish and they did connect, but with the wind and cold decided to call it a day......


10-10-2000, 11:59 AM

I just read some reports on RT at first I was skeptical but then I recognized one of the names which verified it for me.

Magnolia in Glouster and Manchester lit up pretty good from what I read. Fish in the low to mid 40's.

Rockport/Pebble beach area too.

10-10-2000, 12:33 PM
Unreal. The cape dies and the No. Shore lights up. What the heck. I can't see waiting another day. Tommorrow might have to be a prework/Lower No. Shore/ dawn patrol. Start in either Nahant or Beverly and drive the coast until birds appear. It's a gamble but these fish will probably be gone by the weekend, if not already.


10-10-2000, 07:08 PM
I fished from Beverly's shore this evening from 5:30 till 7:00 and didn't see any fish at all in the harbor. The tide was basically dead low so, that could have been the problem. The water was cold as well. Hopefully they were just in deeper water, but I am not sure about that. No birds, bait or anything. Maybe this warmer weather coming will fix all this. Good luck if you guys head out tomorrow morning.


10-10-2000, 07:14 PM
Nick -

Many thanks for the report. I think I'll save my brownie points to hit the cape this weekend. I'm sure there are hordes of fish pushing thru the north shore, but push is probably a good term for their motivated run thru the area. If I had a boat I'd make the trip, but on shore I'll take my chances at the confluence of southern currents and the atlantic on Cape Cod.

best regards, let us know your plans for the weekend.


10-10-2000, 08:01 PM
Not me. I just lined up a rod and threw my gear in my truck
in case I decide to brave the cold in the morning and try to intercept these fish south of their last known spot. No cape for me so it's worth a poke around. Tides are late but hey, everybody all together like a moaning mob, "IT'S A LOOOOOONG WINTER".