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i'm so outta here
07-26-2000, 11:29 PM
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Had a blast tonight fishing my usual haunts in the pissing rain. Fish were sporadic but when found eager to gobble down my flies. A hearty thanks to Jim W. for turning me on to the Coyote Fly. If nothing else tonight proved to me this fly is deadly in black. If you haven't come across the Coyote, have a look at the Feb. '98 issue of "On the Water." A tip: tye the eyes closer to the eyelet than recommended; it gives a better up/down motion (though it does increase the sling shot effect when casting it).

Anyway, tonight I was fighting off the twinkies at one point to get to the sizable fish. One strip into a really stellar cast and I feel a slight tremor in the line and the next thing I know I'm down to braided mono - a freight train had taken hold of my coyote and was heading for Ireland. Woohoo!!

After a few minutes of getting the drag just so and feeling how hard I could pull this fish, I started to win the battle, slowly turning her out of the current. 15 minutes later -- longer than I wanted -- I finally landed her by backing up onto the beach and fighting her in the still water. Color was deep olive and no sea lice. The rod measure says she was ~31". I took a good long time in reviving her and she swam away with a reassuring tail slap. Happiness is.

I had a similar night last Friday evening with a pattern I dreamed up all on my own. A bit of olive polar fiber over chartreuse polar fiber with two strands of perl flashabou on each side. Cover with softex to the bend. Black thread is best if you're a night fishing kook like me. The largest fish caught using this that night was 28" but even the twinkies took it like they were angry.

Can't wait to try both patterns on Monomoy. Are you sure we can't have Keith pick us up the next morning??

Jay C.
07-27-2000, 08:10 AM

Great story. I love hearing about being into the backing especially when the action is twinkies and it happens all of a sudden. Congratulations, and I hope the South Island adventure is a continuation of breaking thru the striper doldrums.
Now, I am curious about this fly so if it continues to be successful
you have to fess up a little more detail.

Jay C.

07-27-2000, 09:21 AM
Awesome story! Congratz on stomping crickets out, I guess I got to find a new item to whine about. One of these Claves I will join you again for some night fishing. See ya at Rips.