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: Prince of Tides

06-16-2000, 10:25 PM
Roop -

Could you please post the prince of tides recipe in the archives? As you saw, my renditions were a bit.... 'different'.

How'd you do at Pocasset tonight?

06-18-2000, 07:26 AM
No problem, I'll put something together tonight.

Fished Pocassett with due to the wind, arrived at the slack and fished abobout 1 hour nto the drop. Tons of micros but got my negihbor (first time SWFF) into 3 twinkies.

I broke my continuing skunk from Monomoy at 11:18 PM.


06-18-2000, 09:46 AM
Fished the river the last few mornings with some success a few fish up to about 24 with a lot of small mixed in.

This morning was flat calm fish breaking by the jettey, lots of small stuff but had one fish take me way way into the backing almost out to the island.I wanted to lean on him but was only fishing 8lb tippet didn't land him anyway oh well.

Ran into Al-D as he was leaving and I was moveing to a new spot I picked up a few twinkies in that spot you mentioned Al thanks for the tip.


i'm so outta here
06-19-2000, 07:05 PM

Glad it was still happening for you. Strange thing is the fish were absolutely not interested in feeding before the sun came up. I got there around 3:45 AM and fished the entire beach front with not even a bump. But as soon as the dawn broke, it was a micro on every cast. I think the moon was too bright or something.


I was fishing my best immitation of the P. of T. fly (from what I could remember from seeing it at the Monomoy Clave). I'll have to go check out your recipe to see how close I came.