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: Rhody Bones

07-28-2000, 07:41 AM
Just heard that the bonito where in one of the Breachway's yesterday with a school of blues. Do not know much more than that at this point........on that topic.......has anyone ever fished the breachways with a flyrod ?? Are you better off with an intermediate or full sink line ??

Thanks !

07-28-2000, 08:22 AM
YEEEHAH!!!! Thanks for the update. Used to get this excited when the steelhead started showing up at the river mouths.

In the current - sinking line, shock and stop; on either side eddy (which they frequent) intermediate.

I do best with one of two options - rippin fast or shock and stop, let it sink and jolt it without moving it very far at 1/2 second to 2 second intervals (or even longer in current)