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: Hunt for Red October

Bob Pink
10-13-2000, 03:46 PM
Thursday & Friday I burned two precious days working the eastern edge of our fishing grounds, Chatham, Monomoy and Nauset as part to a two boat team. ( More for safety than because of space which is a very good idea for all of us this time of year. If you are using the boat on weekdays, see if you can buddy up with someone else since there are not too many others out there! )
Anyway two days efforts did yeild one 40"+ bass but it was a racer, long and lean which was a total surprise given the amoutn of bait in the area. It was also a blonde, not an offshore fish so I would suspect it may have been a Pleasant Bay drop out. Lots of small 3-4# bluefish to ruin your gear, not frequent enough to make you put the wire on. All the other bass were in the 20-26" size range.
The most consistant area was the opening between S.Beach and Monomoy heading east out to the 30-36' depth line. Lot's of fish, unfortunatly often on the bottom and heavily mixed with dogfish. The dawgs were very agressive taking artificials at will. You can cut down on the dawgs by fishing darker color plastics versus white. Had some very large (4') ones come up today that were full and fat, thought I'd see what they were feeding on so I gutted one to find that it was a pregnant female full of live pups. Interesting to see 3-4 miniature versions go swimming away...
Thin profile bucktail beauties, white bellies, touch of red/rust/burgandy, olive with a dark angle hair top seemed the most productive.
If you find fish offshore (which you will,) pay close attention to their direction as they will often be moving fast. We lost contact with a school that lit up the water collumn from the srface to the bottom in less than 10 minutes, there were three boats on them and then the dissapeared.
The afternoon tide on Thursday also had small schools of 20" fish working along Nauset. Our last fish that day gave us a double feature. The other angler on my boat called to me and said " Get a look at the size of the fish following this bass!!!" As I turned to look I watched a 3- 4' long shark come up and bite that bass in half.... Now that was a 'short'!

10-13-2000, 04:29 PM
Bob -

Thanks for the awsome report... deep wading is out this weekend for me

I guess the honey hole days are all but over out on the Y2K big bass chateau. It was sure nice while it lasted, eh? Thanks to you I got to sample it. We got a few stray missles on shore too.

Have a great weekend,