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: Boston 9-19

Bob Pink
09-19-2000, 04:04 PM
Yes, it was a day to play hooky today in anticipation of a tropical depression and the seasonal one soon to come. Fished with Terry Wier, host of the Bass River 'clave this spring and all around good guy. We were into fish non-stop from 06:00 at Deer Island until 14:45. We probably didn't have to travel more than 5 miles the whole day. Fish moved from the Deer Island Rip out to the Fawn bars, then into the triangle where they stayed up and very active on a variety of baits until the tide went dead slack. Even then they were popping up but they bcame very picky. That 60-90minute period was the only time we didn't have fish on.
Decided to move out to nantasket to look for fish along the shore, never made it. Came through the cut at the Brewster Spit to find birds up and working from Point Allerton to the Toddy Rocks. Spent the next 3+ hours working our way along the channel as each new pod of fish would erupt. Finally the birds all just gave up and were sitting on the water as the fish blew up around them. There were some bluefish mixed in early as our frayed tippets confirmed but it was 99.9% stripers.
Destroyed a couple of gurglers, beat the heck out of some p-bunker flies and had one hell of a day.....

09-19-2000, 05:55 PM
How about that-9 1/2 hours of non stop stripers! My hands are sore! Most in the 24-28" range. My biggest on the fly to date was the 28" off of Deer Island this am. At one point we were in acres of blasting fish that would not take anything. We had to try everything to solve that puzzle. Never really did, feeding on something real small??
Moved on to another locale and back in with Juvi patterns. Basically our Juvi patterns got hammered today! White deveivers, poppers, half n halfs, silversides too. The haba is looking great. Thanks again Bob for a very memorable day, you are a real sport.


09-19-2000, 08:37 PM
Well, nice to hear from Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

Boy that sure sounds better than what I did all day. I mean, I love my work but... you guys made it tough to stay focused!

Great to hear about the hahbah. Sounds like it's just choked with stripers. And here I am with a thumb as smooth as a babe's arse!

Bob Pink
09-20-2000, 05:42 AM
Terry at one point said "Isn't there SOMEONE we could call to let them know about this?" Knowing I had your number on the cell phone's speed dialer made me realize it would only torment you........

09-20-2000, 08:45 AM
Forgot to mention, the fish within a pod tended to be spread out. That is: 10 feet or so between rising fish. SO one could cast TOO the fish like rising trout. At one point I started noting the direction of the rises and cast ahead of them and pick up fish. Unreal joy. The takes were more exciting than the fights.