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Bob Pink
09-17-2000, 09:24 PM
Had the opportunity to repay a favor to Capt Terry Nugent (Riptide Charters 'fame') by having him on Double Happiness as my guest this morning. The original game plan was to trailer down the cape and chase a 'slam' off Chatham but a phone call from a friend yesterday who had a banner day in Boston convinced me to stay close to home. (The forecasted 25 kts from the West didn't hurt either)
We headed out at 05:45 with signs of fish starting to work along Fore River but we pushed right to the spot of yesterdays action, Deer island. Immediatly greeted with a frenzy of birds, busting fish and a wind howling over our backs. Hookups were coming pretty steady and I had visions of a thumbpad that was rubbed raw by noontime.
At one point (07:30) there were birds up all the way from Deer out to Green Island. Then, as quickly as it blew up it also dissapeared! No birds, no breaking fish and a few boats all searching.
We shifted to fishing stucture near where the action had been hottest and once we figured out the pocket dimensions, we began to take some decent size fish.
Once that died we headed out off nantasket to find lot's of surface activity and lot's of boneheaded fishermen. We'd set up a drift ahead of a good looking pod of fish only to be greeted by three or four boats who wanted to become our 'best friends' and yelling at each other for cutting one another off... We figured our tempers might not survive too much of this exposure so we wnet back to fishing structure with no results.
The old 'shoulda been there yesterday' syndrome. Still a great day on the water, a bit wet on the winward rail at times but we were out there and we caught fish...

09-17-2000, 09:33 PM
Thanks Bob. I had a feeling you'd be out there. Spooky.
Sounds like on again off again fall stuff. Any patterns working best for you guys? Juvies?


Bob Pink
09-18-2000, 06:32 AM
large 1/2 'n 1/2's and deceivers when the fish were busting around the outer harbor, smaller juvi patterns off nantasket

09-18-2000, 01:50 PM
Yesterday was not a pretty day to be out with three people in an 18' Parker. The goretex came on early and stayed on. Yesterday was pretty odd. Saturday i popped out not mroe than a mile from my slip, set up behind an island out of the wind, and took fish after fish on a juve pattern in the middle of the day with no surface activity--just a pretty quiet spot with tons of bait around.

Returned to that spot a various stages of the tide Sunday and got nothing. That wind wasnt fun, the water was pretty couldy at the lower stages of the tide, but cleared up as it got near high. Any surface activity I saw Sunday lasted for two minutes tops. I have really been blessed by a lack of boneheads near me lately, Bob. Did you happen to be the vicinity of Pt. Allerton? I saw lots of boats stacked up there.

I'm blaming Sunday's spottiness on the sustained weekend wind and hope things will remain a little more consistant for a while (like, through October!)...